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For the second time in the span of two years, I have been rendered officially homeless. The first time was for the span of a month back in 2019, and this time is from now, until god-knows-when. I say homeless as well in the sense of lacking a permanent address. The first time I was… Continue Reading →


1/24/21 – This post contains plans for the site, and what I’m planning on posting to this site.

Words on the Wall

God, it’s already Christmas. That means 2020 is actually—thankfully—almost over. I know pragmatically speaking, when the clock ticks over to January 1st, 2021 things aren’t going to spontaneously get better. We’re still going to be dealing with COVID-19, Trump, and literally everything else going wrong in the world currently, but we can hope for a… Continue Reading →


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Hi, I’m Korina. I’m trying to figure out what I’m currently doing with my life. I’m an aspiring author, amateur hypnotist, and enjoy all things writing, English, and video games.

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