I feel like life has been moving forwards a little bit at least since my last blog post. I’m currently in the process of moving into my new room for the next four months, (seventeen weeks to be exact), and as I write this, I’m surrounded by leftover Chick-fil-A and boxes filled with stuff. I’ve spent all of today pretty much packing and moving stuff into this room, and while I still have more I need to move, that’s what tomorrow is for. Anyways, this room, (which I have entirely to myself), is actually what I’ve wanted. It’s a main room with two bedrooms and bathrooms attached to either side. It feels like an apartment, which is something I’ve wanted for a while now. At least a place to call my own.

The only downside to this place I will admit is the lack of a kitchen in the room, but there is a communal kitchen that I can use instead. And while I could have gotten a room with a kitchen inside, I didn’t feel it was worth spending an extra $20 per week to never have to really leave my room. Not to mention, it will cost me at least $5,000 for this entire summer, which is just summer housing and two online classes. Keep in mind, this is excluding my medication and other things like food or my bills/subscriptions. Medication costs me around $500/month until the deductible is met, and once that’s met, it’ll cost around $100/month, so that’ll be more manageable. All my assorted bills/subscriptions are around $110/month, and while I could cut out around $20, I choose not to simply because I enjoy using Netflix, and I get Spotify Premium cheaper because I’m a student.

I digress though. This isn’t about my finances. This is about the fact I feel like I’m moving forwards in life now, and I truly do. I think it’s mostly the fact that I’m in a new room and I have some money to my name—even though it’s mostly going to paying for my expenses this summer. I’m not entirely sure. I am a bit sad at leaving my old room, (and kinda anxious about moving into basically the same room—except by myself—at the end of all of this), but also really happy to leave it. My old room was really just a bedroom by itself, nothing else; my new room feels like an apartment. Even though it’s very barren and just has a few boxes and some garbage I need to throw out in it, it’s still what’s home for me.

I’d like to keep this up, at least as long as I can, and I feel like for now, that means actually finishing moving and unpack, before writing some more.

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