Hi, welcome. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy doing work on this website and trying to make it look professional, and actually try to start getting into freelance work. Part of that has been actually sitting down and writing. Writing the information for sections of the website, writing introductory emails for freelance work, this post, etc. Just, a lot of writing.

Sometimes I do as well really wonder about this blog—namely how am I going to write stuff for here? I spent earlier today nearly two hours just staring at a draft about professionalism, that no matter how many times I write it down, I don’t like the end-result of, before deciding just to start fresh and write this post instead. So, I feel like I should at least put out there what my future plans for this website are, considering I’ve spent the time to change it around to look nice, and get a custom domain, and whatnot.

First, I’m thinking about trying to write a blog-post every week, or every other week. I’m not really sure what this post will be about—it’ll probably just be me talking about what’s going on with me that week, and it’ll probably be on the shorter side. I’m mostly looking to just publish stuff and get writing done.

Second, I’m thinking about writing posts about things I’m doing and general thoughts on them. This is different from the first point namely in the sense of this is more specialized than what I’ve been up to for the week. This will likely be more focused on a single topic, rather than a spread of many other topics.

Third, I’m thinking about writing posts about characters I’ve written, books I’ve read, and etc. I think mostly this will be nice to just get words out there, and hopefully get me to actually have character things developed and whatnot.

We’ll see how things turn out in the future though. For now, I just wanted to quickly post this, and then probably work on a longer post later.

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