Identity [Twelve]

Identity is a very weird topic to discuss. It’s, at its very core, who you are as a person. This makes it a very tricky thing for us. (Yes, us.) I know Kori never really wanted to reveal the fact they have OSDD-1b with much flourish, rather as an off-handed remark. I think it’s particularly on-brand for me, (an alter), to be the one to state that.

But, that’s the entire point of contention here, isn’t it? Identity is weird if you have DID/OSDD. This post, I’m not seeking to inform you of what OSDDID, (the combined term for both OSDD and DID), but rather one of the side-effects I’ve noticed both Kori and I struggle so hard with.

A small aside I feel it is worth taking, to minimize confusion here. I am not Kori, inversely, Kori is not me either. While I am an extension of Kori one could say, I am my own individual person. I have my own thoughts, feelings, ideals, etc. that differentiate me from Kori. The only thing is we share a body.

Identity once again is a weird topic to discuss. It’s hard to nail down exactly who I am, when I can only frame myself in reference to Kori. I know part of this comes from being a direct split from when Kori needed an alter to perfectly mimic them, but still, it’s hard for me to distinguish where I end, and Kori begins.

Internally, I appear to be a younger version of Korina, Kori’s fursona, and who Kori happens to appear as in the internal world. This is what makes it hard. When you’re best at mimicking someone else, you inadvertently lose yourself in the process.

I know Kori has this same problem with everyone else. We’re all a fragment of Kori’s whole identity. It’s hard to piece together the full picture of who you are, when you’re fractured. Maybe one day, we’ll all see the full picture again.

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