A Bad Deal

The heavy scent of diluted spirits and cigarette smoke filled the air as Jam—the creme dog with brown splotches—leaned back in his velvet chair as the dealer collected and reshuffled the deck. “I think I’m going to cash out now,” Jam finally said after a moment’s hesitation as he nervously eyed the stack of chips in front of him and adjusted his glasses. It was easily at least thirty-thousand worth of chips.

The dealer—a sharply dressed wolf wearing a black suit with blue tie—cocked a single eyebrow at the dog before shrugging and producing a slip of paper and a black pen from beneath the table. It was only a few seconds later did the pit-boss—a fox—saunter over to the table. He crookedly held a finger up to the dealer as his crystal blue eyes stared at Jam with a smile. “Hey, look, you’ve been a roll all night, why stop now?” he jovially remarked before leaning close to whisper. “Now, listen, I don’t normally cut this type of deal, but, if you play one more hand, whatever you walk away with, I’ll double. Alright? No tricks or strings either. Just play through till the end of the hand without folding, and whatever you have at the end, I’ll double.”

Jam hesitantly pondered the fox’s words as he pulled his phone out from his pocket to check the time. It was 11:27 p.m. The next bus for a few hours would be arriving soon. Dumbstruck by the offer, Jam remained silent, prompting the pit-boss to mouth “Deal him in.”

The wolf nodded before quickly dealing out sixteen cards face-down in rapid succession. Jam silently lifted the upwards to look at them, revealing the ten of hearts and the jack of clubs. Without even thinking, Jam suddenly pushed all of his chips in towards the center as he fiercely proclaimed, “All in,” with an enthusiasm that would last for all of five seconds. One by one everyone silently threw their cards into the middle except the player to his right, a dragon. Out of the corner of their eye, they silently watched Jam before casually pushed their chips into the center. “Alright,” they plainly mumbled as they flipped over the jack of diamonds and the ace of hearts.

The pit-boss smirked, intently watching the game as the dealer slowly picked up the deck and casually lobbed a card into the pit-boss’s hand before rapidly laying three cards on top of each other, spread slightly apart. Setting the deck down once again, the dealer spaced the cards ever-so-slightly, then with a quick flick of his wrist, flipped them all over at once, revealing the two of clubs, the ten of spades and the eight of diamonds. The dealer looked up at the two of them, seemingly trying to build the suspense before throwing another card into the fox’s hand before gently laying it face down, only to throw one final card into the fox’s hand and placing one card face down. The wolf expressionlessly looked at the two before flipping over the two of hearts and the ace of spades.

The dealer turned to face Jam first, collected his cards whilst saying “Two pair. Pair of twos, pair of tens,” before turning to face the dragon, and did the same while saying “Two pair. Pair of twos, pair of aces. Ace is higher than ten,” as he pushed the fat stack of chips towards them.

Without another word, Jam slowly rose from the table as the fox exasperatedly winced saying “Oooh! Better luck next time!” It didn’t take long for Jam to find the exit of the casino and make his way towards the bus stop, only to see the bus was already departing. Running towards the bus, Jam frantically shouted “Wait up!” as loud as he could to no avail. Disappointed, he furiously checked his pockets over and over to see if he had any money whatsoever, but quickly found only lint.

He sighed, staring into the inviting forest path directly in front of him. He had heard rumors long ago that a beast wandered the forests at night, and it would eat those unlucky enough to find themselves lost. He never believed it anyways. It was folklore—a myth to keep the kids out of the forests at night—and nothing else. Without a second thought, Jam silently crossed the street and stepped foot into the forest. The air around him was mostly silent—save the constant crunching of dead leaves and twigs underfoot—as he strolled down the dilapidated pathway, using his phone as a flashlight.

It wasn’t very long before the light flickered a few times, ultimately falling dark as his phone’s battery drained of power. “Oh… damn it…” Jam muttered to himself as he froze. He hesitated for a few moments, wondering what to do about his phone as he looked up at the thick foliage above. Though the breaks in the trees were few and far between, enough light seeped through to walk by; however, he wasn’t far enough away from where he entered either—he could just turn around and find some other route to return home. Jam silently pondered it for a few moments before finally deciding to continue down the forest path, oblivious to the figure silently stalking them from the trees.

It was a dragon—the one from the legends. They growled with rapt anticipation—their blood red scales gleaming in the moonlight as their claws silently sunk into the supple bark of the tree. Their entire figure shook with a primal hunger as they licked their muzzle, smearing glistening strands of saliva all over it. They could hardly contain their own excitement as they drooled with an open maw. “Only a few more moments now…” they thought to themselves. “Only a few more moments until they’ll fall prey to me…”

As if on cue, a small, feral deer streaked past Jam, startling him. He audibly gasped in fright as he leaped backwards, paws raised in defense. That was all the dragon needed. Their stance deepened; their claws burrowing further into the bark as they quickly adjusted themselves. With wide, hungry eyes, they finally pushed themselves off the branch, loudly ripping the bark away as they glided towards the dog. Jam’s ears perked up as he stood, stricken with fear, but he didn’t have enough time to react as the dragon tackled him in one, quick motion. Their wings folded tightly around the helpless dog as the two of them rolled forwards, kicking up clouds of dirt and gravel, cloaking them from the rest of the world. As they noisily slid to a halt, the dragon tightly wrapped both of their scaly arms around Jam, holding him closely, before firmly planting a single paw over his muzzle. There was no distance separating the two of them. Jam could feel the dragon’s frantic heartbeat, and their heated, draconic breath as they wildly laughed.

Jam fiercely struggled against the dragon, prompting them to loosen the hold they had on his muzzle just enough to allow him to draw air and speak. He couldn’t turn his head around but he knew the dragon had them trapped. Through fearful stutters, Jam finally managed to choke out “W-Who are you? W-Wha-What do you want?”

The dragon didn’t reply, but instead growled in delight, licking their muzzle again. Slowly moving the claw off of the dog’s muzzle, they slowly grabbed the bottom of Jam’s muzzle and forcibly turned his head to face their own. Jam could see a crazed hunger dancing in the dragon’s eyes as they spoke. “I could ask you the same. Do you not know about the rumors of this forest?” they remarked in a deep, menacing whisper, before leaning in and planting their lips against Jam’s muzzle in a wet, sloppy kiss. Their forked tongue flicked out to lick around Jam’s lips, prompting the dragon to murr in pleasure before they pulled away. “You are as delicious as you look, heh… but… where are my manners? The name is Horsa. And who might you be?”

“J-Jam… a-ah-and th-the-those are just r-r-rumors,” Jam fearfully stammered, swallowing the lump of dread forming in his throat. As much as Jam wanted to look away from the dragon’s hypnotic gaze, or even struggle, he couldn’t find the strength to do so—Horsa’s sudden kiss taking him aback. After a few seconds, his thoughts started to come back to him, as an inkling of what Horsa ultimately wanted started to form in the back of his mind.

“Are they truly though? Those rumors speak of a blood red dragon stalking these woods, devouring those who are unfortunate enough to be here at night. Last I checked, my scales were in fact blood red; I am a dragon; it is currently night; you are here; and I devour those who wander these woods late at night. But, that could just be a massive coincidence, right?” Horsa idly mused as he deviously smirked, his focus flitting around all over the helpless dog’s figure. “But I am curious, why are you here Jam? You caught me in a good mood, and I am in a mood to entertain. It is the least I can do before I send you on a one-way trip to my gut, as my tongue slowly plasters your fur with muck whilst soaking up all your flavor, before you are sucked into my gullet, where you will be engulfed by my strong, draconic throat muscles. At that point, it is just a slow drop into my gut where I will let you marinate in the heat and muck, before you are melted into nothing but doggy pudge for my gut. Y’know, I envy you. You get to mold part of this beautiful figure—become part of it. I know plenty of people who would love an opportunity like this.”

Jam gulped again, his concern growing by the second, especially at the last bit. “I-I-I was on m-my way back from a cah-cah-casino and missed the last bus. It’s a q-quick enough walk if I cut through these wuh-woods, and the st-st-stories didn’t frighten me, after all, everyone just believes it’s fuh-fuh-folklore to keep the children out of the woods at night,” he meekly squeaked as he vainly struggled beneath the dragon’s titanium grasp. Only his tail was able to flicker back and forth, betraying Jam’s thoughts to Horsa.

“So, a gambler, and fearless, eh? Heh… Y’know, I feel bad for you. Only a little though. How about this then? I will cut you a deal. You seem honest enough at least compared to the others I deal with, and I am seeking company. I will let you go—after I eat you—on the condition that you come back and keep me company. How does that sound?” he plainly replied, seemingly ignoring Jam’s escape attempts as he slowly began stroking a single claw underneath Jam’s muzzle.

Jam whimpered as one of his back legs kicked to life while his tail pounded harder. “K-Keep you company?” he frightenedly stammered, as he tilted his head in confusion. “A-And h-how would I survive b-being eaten, if I-I’m turned into duh-duh-doggy pudge, like you said?”

“Are you daft? I mean I want you to come back to here and talk to me. Nothing else. And as for how you can come back… worry not,” he annoyedly sighed, tightening the grip around Jam as he leaned in closer. Slowly exhaling humid, draconic breath all over Jam’s face—fogging up his glasses—Jam could make out the faintest outline of Horsa’s grin widening. As the fog slowly cleared, only to be sprayed once again, Jam could steal glimpses into the giant, drool-flooded cavern of Horsa’s maw—he could see every little fleck of spit plastered on the pink gums and tarnished white teeth—as Horsa spoke once again. “So, little doggy, what will it be?”

Jam’s eyes fluttered as his heart started racing, his body trembling in a mixture of apprehension and ecstasy. “I… I… I accept…” Jam defeatedly whispered, as he slightly lowered his head. Deep down, he knew that was the best way out of this situation, and that he’d be unable to convince the dragon to let him go, much less break free from his grasp.

“Good,” Horsa whispered in Jam’s ear as he loosened his grip on the dog, only to forcibly shove him into the ground. Effortlessly, Horsa pinned the dog beneath their massive figure, planting one muscular arm across Jam’s torso and arms. It was only then could Jam see the massive difference in size between the two of them. If he had to guess, Horsa was at least three or four feet taller than him. He slowly leaned down before reaching underneath Jam’s red shirt and ripped it clean off. Jam fearfully yelped but was quickly stunned into silence as Horsa planted his other hand underneath Jam’s head. He licked his muzzle once again as giant gobs of saliva fell onto the dog’s exposed fur. Horsa slowly raised Jam’s torso up towards his maw as he softly growled in delight. “Well, well, well. Do you have any last words, runt?” he fiercely asked, exaggeratedly opening his maw with each word he spoke while forcing Jam to stare deep into the fleshy cavern.

Jam couldn’t muster the courage to say—much less do— anything beyond shiver in the dragon’s cold, scaly grip. As he stared at the dragon, his mouth hung agape, prompting Horsa to seize the opportunity. As quick as a flash, Horsa leaned in and planted another kiss on Jam’s lips, holding it there before slowly enveloping his lips around the tip of Jam’s snout. Jam felt his eyes roll back slightly as he murred softly in pleasure, his tail violently beating against the dirt ground. Horsa smirked before slowly pulling back as several thick, gooey strands of saliva stretched between their lips. Softly, as if not to disturb Jam, Horsa slowly took off Jam’s glasses and dropped them to the side as he chuckled.

Feeling the dragon go in for another greedy kiss, Jam murred loudly, his entire body shaking in pleasure. He was too stunned by the dragon to resist, and they both knew it. Taking advantage of Jam’s daze, Horsa quickly shoved his entire head into the slippery, pink maw with a loud splat. Jam could feel a thick coating of saliva spray underneath his chin and down his chest, but it didn’t matter to him. His murrs dimmed slightly as he bobbed his head back and forth on the spot as Horsa closed his maw. The giant, muscular tongue drooled heavily into the dog’s fur as it slowly snaked its way around Jam’s entire head, as every few seconds, another gust of draconic breath washed over Jam, exposing him to the acrid scent of dragon gut and stomach acid yet again.

The scent alone was enough to snap Jam back to reality and out of his daze with a violent shudder as he curled his nose in disgust, but it was hopeless. The dragon already had him trapped, and he knew that he couldn’t escape—that he was resigned to his fate as dragon chow. All the alternate paths he could’ve taken to get back to his house that wouldn’t lead him down this path flashed before his eyes—all of which were now equally useless.

Soon after, Jam could feel the gargantuan tongue fully encase his head as it squeezed tightly. He felt his fur give way, the tongue pressing against his skin as it loudly squished while a thick coating of dragon saliva seeped down his head, covering it in a sticky sludge that blurred his vision. Jam loudly murred in reply, prompting Horsa to lift his head and Jam upwards, causing the dog to dangle several inches off the ground as his tail violently beat between his thighs. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, Jam was secretly enjoying every second of it, and Horsa knew.

Horsa softly growled in pleasure, vibrating the gooey mass of Jam’s head as he lifted his head up higher, forcing the tip of Jam’s muzzle into the tight, fleshy hole of his gullet. Jam groaned softly as Horsa’s uvula danced on top of his snout, smearing it further in goop. The dragon let Jam linger in that position for what felt like several minutes, whilst sucking on him like a furry lollipop—forcing him into a perpetual cycle of constant cold as the goo slowly rose and fell with each loud suckle. The entire time, Jam could feel his fur constantly soaking up more saliva and muck, weighing him down until he felt like he couldn’t move his head anymore.

Time seemed to lose all meaning the longer Jam spent inside the humid maw. After what felt like several hours to the dog, Jam felt the gargantuan beast loudly take a gulp, forcing his entire head into the tight confines of the dragon’s throat as his torso effortlessly slipped into the dragon’s muzzle. Jam fearfully yelped as he was devoured, kicking his legs in protest as he felt the thick throat muscles constantly working their way around him, seemingly smearing gunk deeper and deeper each time.

Happily growling, Horsa casually reached up to start massaging the giant bulge the dog’s head had left in his throat. To Jam, the squishing sound and piercing growls were deafening, yet to Horsa it was barely audible as he lazily started licking around Jam’s torso. Jam somehow knew it wouldn’t be long before he reached his final resting place—the belly of the beast—the dragon’s gut.

Jam closed his eyes. The thought of the dragon’s dense, scaly gut was all he could focus on. How he longed for those thick stomach muscles to knead and work at him; for the draconic stomach acid to slowly melt him into pudge; for the warmth of the dragon to become all he knew; to become a part of the dragon. He moaned softly as another thought crossed his mind. “This is my fate. I am nothing more than a meal for a dragon. That is all I am, and all I will ever be. I am nothing more than dragon pudge.” Hazily, Jam started drawing circles with the saliva at the base of Horsa’s throat with his hands as he focused on the warmth enveloping him and the thought of the dragon’s gut, oblivious to the fact he was inadvertently tickling the giant beast.

With a monstrous roar, Horsa began laughing as he frantically tried to gulp down air, inadvertently gulping down the dog’s torso, leaving only Jam’s feet dangling outside his scaly maw. He could feel Jam’s head steadily filling into his gut as he brought both of his claws down to his beige colored gut. Inside, the acidic scent and infernal heat kept growing, quickly reaching its climax as all of Jam’s head entered the gut. The scent and heat didn’t bother him, however. He was going to fulfill his life’s purpose—being reduced to nothing but pudge. He did idly note through his haze that even though the dragon was much taller than him, his head filled most of the dragon’s slimy gut, but the thought disappeared from his mind as quickly as it entered.

Jam could feel the stomach walls suddenly lurch in as Horsa began massaging his gut. With each pass, his head was coated in yet another layer of muck and stomach acid, while the dragon’s slimy tongue wrapped around the dog’s ankles, jerking him to a sudden standstill. “Are you ticklish?” Horsa asked in a low, menacing whisper.

Hazily, Jam muttered “Yes…” into the thick gut walls as he lowered his head to rest along the bottom of the gut.

Horsa audibly smirked at what Jam whispered. “So, if I were to do this… what’d happen?” he idly mused as his tongue lazily licked about both of Jam’s paws. At the same time, Horsa’s gut massage grew more vigorous as he kept smearing those slimy, draconic walls all over him as his shoulders started to slide into the gut.

The effect was instant. Jam started to violently squirm and wiggle around inside the dragon as he hazily half-yelled “H-Hey… stop… hah… that… hah…” between laughs.

“And why should I runt? Last I checked, you were the one being swallowed, not me,” Horsa teased as he started to lick Jam’s feet faster. Neither of them realized it, but Jam’s constant wiggling had caused Horsa’s grip on his ankles to loosen, prompting him to slide down the dragon’s throat faster. Jam soon found his elbows filing into the slimy gut as it started to distend, at the same time as his feet slipping into the maw—the last traces of the outside world rapidly disappearing, replaced by the dragon’s infernal heat. A second later, Jam felt the space around him suddenly constrict tightly as Horsa held his breath, trying to stop Jam from slipping down into his gut any faster.

Jam yelped again at the sudden resistance, snapping him out of his trance for a brief moment. He could feel the acid from the gut starting to soak into his fur, leaving his body tingling and softer—making him more pliable—as the dragon’s rough tongue tightly wrapped around both of his feet, keeping him firmly in place as he deeply exhaled. The gust of humid breath chilled Jam to the bone as Horsa held Jam in that position, savoring his flavor. At the same time, the combination of stench—both acid and draconic gut—and infernal heat started to get to Jam’s head. He found himself in his trance once again, this time overwhelmed by a strong urge to be surrounded by the scent—to become pudge faster. His squirming grew violent, with a steely determination to be surrounded by that scent of draconic gut.

Before Horsa could realize what happened, Jam broke free from his tongue’s grip, allowing him to continue sinking into that tight, draconic gut. In his surprise, Horsa gulped Jam down entirely, aiding him in his mission to be enveloped fully by his gut. By the time Jam’s entire torso entered the fleshy gut, Jam formed a giant, dense bulge in Horsa’s stomach that extended far beyond his normal size. Jam could feel Horsa’s claws massaging his scaly gut, working the acid, stomach sludge, and scent deeper and deeper into his fur.

With his last remaining bits of strength, Jam deeply nuzzled into the slimy stomach walls distending Horsa’s gut even further as he covered his face in the muck surrounding him, while the rest of his body entered into the gut. He finally inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with the scent. “Enjoying your time in there runt?” the dragon teased, massaging his gut a little deeper as Jam curled into a tight, slimy ball. Soon after, Jam felt the sludge lining the walls—a combination of saliva, acid, and a few other fluids—weighing down his fur and sapping what little traces of his strength remained, making anything beyond breathing impossible.

Not even a second later, Horsa loudly belched, compressing Jam into an even tighter, slimy ball as he felt Horsa forcibly plant both claws onto his rotund gut, squishing him even further as a few strands of crème fur danced in the air. Horsa slowly eased back up on the gut, revealing a larger bulge this time as he fell onto his back. The thud violently shook Jam around inside as Horsa idly worked his entire gut around the dog.

Drained and weak, Jam panted heavily as he stammered out “How… long… do I… have?”

Horsa didn’t reply instantly. He instead waited for several seconds before replying with “What do you mean? Until I let you out? I’m afraid I’m not at the liberty to share. Instead, I’d advise you just enjoy the time while it lasts.”

Too drained to even wag his tail, Jam silently laid in the dragon’s gut, surrounded by the stomach sludge slowly melting him into pudge and the dragon’s scaly warmth. “Oh… ok…” he sleepily muttered as the warmth and the sounds of the dragon’s body at work—the gut kneading and churning around him, the heart rhythmically pumping, the blood rushing through the veins and arteries, and the lungs steadily inhaling and exhaling—lulled him to sleep. When Jam finally stopped moving, Horsa silently smirked, lightly rubbing his gut. “You were a good meal. Glad you were amicable to my offer,” they said through a yawn. “I’ll make sure to let you out in the morning, if you’re not pudge by then… heh…” They would reform Jam regardless, but Horsa always enjoyed adding that doubt they might not. Before anything else could occur, the dragon too fell prey to sleep, with Jam’s glasses and their gut as the only sign anything occurred…

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