A Sticky Situation

“Hey, you feeling alright Song? Do we need to get you to the hospital?” Rievlen, the blue-jay, gently asked, softly nudging Song, the orange, white, and black calico, before placing the back of his hand on his forehead. He felt warm—warmer than usual. Even though he was curled up on the bed, several blankets tightly wrapped around the calico, Song still shivered. Groaning, the calico weakly lifted up his head, and forced a faint smile. The two of them had grown close over the last year they spent together, and there were barely any secrets kept between them. When Song first learned of his unique condition, it was nary a day later when Rievlen learned of it. The local hospital knew nothing of it, nor did any nearby alchemists, leaving the two of them alone with no answers to their questions.

Instead, they simply attempted to cure it themselves, to no avail, and resorted to closely monitoring Song’s condition. Over the last few days, Song’s condition deteriorated much faster than they could handle—constantly switching between muscle and sinew, and slime. It started off as merely his paw, but by now, his entire body—save half of his face—was slime. The blue-jay sighed, stepping away from the cot the calico rested on. “I’ll call the helicopter… even though they don’t know what it is, hopefully they can help. You’re not in any pain, right?” Rievlen murmured to himself, before looking at the calico—his expression similar to a concerned parent.

Weakly raising his head, Song winced. “No, do not,” he hoarsely whispered. “It will be a waste. If they had no idea then, then how now? Not to mention… I do vaguely recall seeing goo creatures at the university. If they had no problems surviving, then why would I?” Even though his normally robust voice was a hoarse whisper, it retained all the elegance and decorum he normally presented—even if it was a facade to mask his anxiety.

Rievlen spun around on a dime. “Song…” he gently pleaded. “Please, for me.” He didn’t like seeing his partner like this. Over the past year, the two of them had grown attached to each other, while managing to retain the required aloofness for such a project. Even though they had stopped being funded half-a-year earlier, they continued to soldier on through the project. It was being negotiated to resume the project officially under another group, but it was likely that would fall through too.

Song and Rievlen tensely stared at each other for a few moments, before the calico silently yielded—a faint moan emanating from him as he lowered his head again. Rievlen nodded before slipping into the other room of the three-room cottage. Song closed his eyes, listening to Rievlen dialing the hospital once again, as the rest of his face melted away into slime. The further it melted, the more he felt his primal urges resurfacing. He had done well to suppress them when it first started, but now it was getting the better of him. He wanted to pounce on the bird, and just devour him. To absorb him into his body.

Song heard Rievlen hang up the phone before slumping down against a wall, defeated. He had come to the same conclusion Song had—there was nothing they could do except wait. Weakly, Song called for Rievlen. The bird stood up and walked over to the calico, kneeling down besides him. With both gooey paws, Song gently grasped Rievlen’s hand. “Riev… please… for both of us… leave. For a few days,” he explained. Instantly, Rievlen knew there was something that he wasn’t letting on, but knew better than to dig for it.

The blue-jay hesitated for a brief moment before firmly shaking his head. “Why?”

The question lingered in the air for much longer than either would’ve liked to admit—they both knew what was coming next. “Riev… you know how when… we first met… you said you were afraid I would eat you? I feel the urge to do so rising.”

Rievlen blankly looked at the calico. A mixture of fear and relief crossed his face. “No,” he coldly replied, as he solemnly shook his head. “I can’t. Song, I can’t. I would much rather die at your hand, than by someone else’s,” before he gently nudged the calico over and climbed into the bed besides him. Only the blankets tightly wrapped around the calico served as a buffer between them. “For all we know, this will solve the problem, right? So why not test the theory?”

Song faintly shook his head, trying to push the blue-jay away, but couldn’t. Desperately trying one last time, the calico pleadingly looked at the blue-jay, whose face remained stoic. After a terse moment, the blue-jay finally budged, grabbing one edge of the covers and draping it over themselves, before wrapping an arm around the gooey calico, pulling the two of them together. Embracing Song in a tight hug, Rievlen felt his chest slowly disappearing into the slimy folds of Song’s own chest, as Song faintly whispered “I’m sorry Riev… I can’t hold it back any longer.”

The next few moments flew by in a flash. Song quickly wrapped his arms around Rievlen’s body in a death-grip, ensuring he wouldn’t go anywhere, as he stared down his prey. Song could see the fear and regret lingering in Rievlen’s eyes, but it was too late. There was no escape for him. After a moment, Song’s head suddenly lurched forwards as he placed his lips on the tip of Rievlen’s beak. The effect was instant. All the fear and anxiety lingering in Rievlen’s mind dissipated—instead replaced with unwavering bliss. Song held Rievlen in the position for a few moments, before finally wriggling his tongue into the small gap of his beak. He felt the blue-jay melt into his arms, allowing him to work him like putty, as he grabbed his tongue with his own.

He could feel the blue-jays thoughts, and knew he wanted to be left like this as long as possible. Rolling over onto his back, Song soon started gently massaging his way down the bird’s back—a trail of multicolored slime glistening in his downy—until he finally reached just above his rounded ass. Through the mental haze, Rievlen gently muttered “I want to pleasure you master,” as he sighed.

“Don’t worry, you will my pet,” Song seductively replied, sticking both of his arms up Rievlen’s shirt and pulling it off. Rievlen silently complied, his mind under the hypnotic effects of the calico’s slime. After Rievlen’s shirt was off, Song gently started unbuttoning his pants and quickly took them off, throwing them to the side, before finally gripping his barbed shaft with one hand. A slimy suckling filled the air as the calico pumped his shaft.

Rievlen felt the urge to have Song ride him grow by the second as the calico gently turned him around, and positioned himself so his back was against Song’s chest. A second later, he could feel something warm and sticky start poking his tailhole—Song’s erect shaft—as Song gently positioned him on top of himself, grabbing both of his hands. They were quickly engulfed in the warm sludge of Song, the rest of Rievlen’s arms soon to follow as he felt one of his hands brush against his shaft, the other gently tilting his head to the side. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Rievlen wondered why his head was being tilted, but quickly found the answer as he felt Song’s lips press against his beak, their tongues intertwining once again. Rievlen moaned in pleasure as he felt Song begin sucking on his tongue, forcing him to bob his head back and forth.

Soon after, he felt Song gently envelop his own shaft with one gooey paw, the other resting on his chest as he started to bounce Rievlen up and down. He could feel the calico rubbing his chest and jerking his shaft in time with his bounces, pushing him deeper into pleasure. At the same time, Rievlen dully noted his feet were slowly fading away inside the calico’s—the rest of his body untouched by the slime feeling extremely cold. He could feel the calico slowly picking up speed the more and more of his body that he absorbed, but Rievlen didn’t mind. His mind was far too shot to actually care about what was happening, and not only that, but a promise is a promise.

He could see Song deviously smirk back at him as he slowly pulled the blue jay deeper into the kiss—slowly engulfing his beak as he pressed deeper. Rievlen didn’t mind. He wanted to let Song take his full beak into his mouth. He wanted to be a part of the calico for good. The further the calico grasped of his beak, the more Rievlen relaxed, feeling the sheer bliss of being entangled in Song’s gooey kiss amplify by the second. Soon, his entire beak was covered, leaving a scant gap between their eyes as Song gently placed his free hand on Rievlen’s chest. Goo steadily leaked off from his hand as he gently began forcing the bird’s torso into his own. It didn’t take very long for the blue jay’s chest to entirely disappear beneath the opaque sludge of the calico, leaving only his arms, legs, and head untouched.

At the same time, Rievlen could feel Song steadily picking up pace as he thrusted and jerked faster, prompting the blue jay to muffledly moan. He could feel himself slowly approaching climax, which Song quickly picked up on, prompting him to start bouncing the bird faster. A loud splatting filled the room as the bird was forced up and down along Song’s rod. Rievlen found himself unable to hold it back any longer as he softly whispered as best he could “I… I’m about to climax…” to the calico with a hazy expression.

The calico didn’t respond, but rather simply smiled in reply, continuing to rub the bird’s erect shaft, which was already coated in a thick layer of slime. Finally, the bird involuntarily stiffened and moaned loudly as thick ropes of semen spurted out onto the calico’s chest. They quickly were absorbed into Song’s gooey figure, leaving no trace they were ever there to begin with. Finally spent, Rievlen tilted his head back slightly, eyes closed. He let his mouth fall open slightly inside the calico’s gooey maw, taking in more slime. He felt his arms limply fall off to the side as Song quickly enveloped the rest of his head. The world around him slowly grew varying shades of orange, black, and white as the rest of his head quickly disappeared, leaving only his arms and legs left untouched.

Finally, he felt the goop steadily trickle up his arms in long, seeping tendrils. They latched onto his feathers and continuously marched up the rest of his arms. At the same time, he could feel the calico stiffen as well as his hot seed filled the bird’s hole. He could hear Song purr loudly around him as he relaxed as well. With one final thrust, Rievlen quickly felt his legs get sucked into the calico before the rest of his arms were finally overtaken by slime.

There was no trace of the bird left visible on the outside. Surrounding him entirely was Song. His smell, his presence. All Rievlen could focus on was simply pleasuring Song; the thought of being totally obedient to his master—that, that was his only purpose in life—filled his mind. He wanted to move slightly—to tell the calico his thoughts—but instead found himself suspended. It felt like he was floating on air, that Song’s goo enveloping him was a warm blanket. He felt safe. He felt complete. A second later, he could feel a thought emerge in his mind. “I’m glad you yearn so badly to be obedient to your master. Maybe if you’re a good pet, I’ll let you out.”

Rievlen felt himself consciously mouth the words “What do I have to do to prove that to you master?”

Once again, another thought filled his mind. “You’ll see. For now my pet, just relax. Let your master take care of the rest.”

Rievlen stiffly nodded as he inhaled once again before exhaling. The combination of the warmth around him and the feeling of safety was too much for him to handle, not to mention his mind being shot beyond saving. He felt the distinction between himself and the calico steadily disappear until they were one-in-the-same. This was his purpose in life. To serve Song. A faint smile crept along his face before he disappeared entirely within the slimy folds of the calico. When Song would wake up next, he would realize what happened, and find a simple note written to himself, explaining how to bring his feathery friend back. But that could wait. After all, he had now a faithful pet, ready to serve him. Why bother rushing to bring them back? And with that, Song gently drifted off into a deep sleep, and as he slept, he slowly solidified back into muscle and bone, instead of goo and slime, dreaming of what had happened and how to control it, and how to bring back his friend.

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