A Taste For Metal

    Kallium, the white protogen, silently strolled down the derelict street; his tiny yellow dots for eyes narrowed as they darted across the road and through the overcast night-sky. He sharply exhaled as his mechanical parts softly stopped clicking and whirring as he came to a halt. Pausing to look up at the night sky, he let his thoughts freely race as the clouds parted just enough to reveal the full moon lingering behind them.
His thoughts were suddenly cut short by the sudden metallic crunching of a can located directly behind him. Kallium’s striped white-and-gray ears instantly swivelled around on their fixed pivot as he harshly barked “Who’s there?” in his unfeeling, robotic voice. Without waiting for a reply, he quickly twirled around, eyes scanning everything around him.
Perplexed about who caused the sound, he tilted his head slightly to the right as his eyes fixated on the crushed red soda-can located several feet behind him. Softly muttering “What?” to himself, he took a few cautionary steps towards the can before leaning down to grab it.
Before Kallium could do anything other than stand back up, can in hand, he saw a scaly paw firmly plant itself over his digital maw, closely followed by a furry elbow tightly pressed against his fluffy neck. Loudly dropping the can in shock, Kallium raising his paws up to claw at the elbow around his neck while vainly trying to yell out for help. His words came out muffled and muddled and intermingled with a loud yelp as he felt his legs being kicked out from beneath him. Stumbling backwards, closer towards his captor, he weakly tried to wriggle free from their grasp.
He heard his captor angrily huff to his right, their heated, carnivore breath washing over the side of his face. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. If I were you, I wouldn’t resist though; make it easy for the both of us,” they gruffly instructed Kallium in a low, seductive whisper before chuckling to themself.
Kallium could only manage nervous breathing, his programming failing him for what to do in this particular situation. Instead, figure trembling, he let his captor silently guide him into the recesses of a nearby alleyway, far away from the prying eyes of any passersby. His eyes narrowed slightly, darting back and forth as he frantically tried to compute any feasible method he could manage in order to escape.
After a few tense seconds, Kallium felt his captor loosen his iron-grip on him only to forcefully shove him into one of the dingy, graffiti-covered walls. Loudly grunting as his mechanical parts noisily scraped across the brick wall, he felt his captor firmly plant both of his scaly paws on his shoulders. His eyes widened in fear as he felt himself being violently pulled away from the wall, only to get shoved back-first into another one.
Grunting loudly, Kallium helplessly slumped against the wall, his visor flickering slightly as he weakly lifted his head up to see exactly who his captor was. In the pale moonlight, Kallium could faintly make out a scaly muzzle and paws, yellow fur, and a pair of blue-and-brown eyes. Mechanically weezing, Kallium forced himself to shout “Who the hell are you?” as loud as he could.
His captor’s muzzle twisted into a demented grin in reply before they crouched over Kallium, staring directly into his eyes. “My, my… aren’t you quite the feisty catch? Don’t you know it’s dangerous to wander these parts of town, this late at night?” they teased him in a low, seductive tone, before feigning a sigh. “How stupid of me, of course you don’t know that. But that doesn’t matter, I’ve caught you now, and I’m not letting you escape.”
Kallium didn’t reply—instead his eyes went wide with shock and his digital mouth hung agape, the realization of what they wanted dawning on him. Several moments passed before Kallium managed to push aside his worry and mutter “No…” over and over, softly to himself as he weakly shook his head.
The figure simply laughed in reply as their smile grew wider. “Oh yes sweetie,” they wryly teased Kallium, leaning in closer to him until barely any space separated the two. “Oh yes indeed. This is what happens when you don’t listen to what others tell you. You end up as a meal of some hungry predator lurking in the shadows, waiting for an easy snack like you to pass them.”
Kallium shook his head more forcefully, trying to inch himself away from the demented grin of his tormentor. Fear and panic raced through his circuits, as he stared wide-eyed at them. “W-Who are you?” he finally managed to choke out in a terrified, mechanical whisper.
The figure tilted their head slightly, bewildered by the question as they revealed a maw full of sharp, saliva coated teeth. A few seconds later, they began laughing once again. “How rude of me! Where are my manners? My name is Horsa! Not that it would matter to you; you won’t be able to escape to tell anyone who I am! But, I do like humoring my prey, so I will give you that at the very least,” Horsa finally said with feigned exaggeration as he waved his left paw around.
Then, before Kallium could so much as think of what he wanted to say next, Horsa roughly jammed both his scaly paws underneath Kallium’s arms, effortlessly lifting him up into the air as he stood up. Wildly flailing, Kallium vainly attempted to break free from Horsa’s iron grasp before he was violently slammed into the wall once again.
Kallium loudly grunted as he felt Horsa place one arm across his chest, pinning him there as he reached behind himself, all the while vehemently laughing at the helpless protogen. A few seconds later, Horsa pulled out a small vial filled with a muted orange liquid and gave it a few small twirls as the fluid changed colors to a vibrant pink.
“Do you know what this is?” Horsa teasingly asked Kallium, whose eyes fixated on the vial held before him. Without waiting for a reply, Horsa continued on with “Actually, don’t even answer. It’s a growth serum. You simply drink it, and you’ll grow another couple of feet. However, it really doesn’t matter how much taller it’ll make me, since it’ll be enough to swallow you without any problems.”
Kallium weakly shook his head in protest, prompting Horsa to just laugh again as he slowly uncorked the vial with a pop. Putting the vial to his lips, Horsa tilted his head back, downing the liquid in a couple of noisy gulps before he licked at his muzzle again, throwing the empty tube away from him.
Feeling his backside being dragged upwards as Horsa steadily grew taller, Kallium began thrashing against Horsa’s grip once again, prompting Horsa to lean in close to Kallium. Feeling Horsa’s heated, carnivore breath wash over him, he shivered in reply before grunting as he felt Horsa pull him away from the wall, only to roughly ram him back into it. Weakly trying to struggle once again, Horsa shifted his entire weight over the helpless protogen, totally pinning him against the wall.
After a long pause, Horsa finally began to speak to Kallium again. “I’m going to eat you, and you can do nothing about it. I’m going to shove you into my maw, let you marinate in my saliva until you’re nice and soft, then I’m going to slowly force you into my throat, bit by bit. After which, my tight throat muscles will steadily push you down into my stomach, constantly constricting you and pushing your mushy figure around, making it that much easier when you arrive in my stomach. When you finally do, if you haven’t already gone insane from the heat and pressure of my throat, I’m going to let you stew in there as my thick, slimy stomach muscles knead you like dough. Eventually it’ll reduce you to nothing more than another layer of fat on my gut. Now, what do you have to say about that runt?” Horsa lazily teased Kallium, exaggerating every syllable he said, giving the protogen a look into the drool-filled pink cavern of a maw.
Kallium didn’t reply to what Horsa had to say, instead attempting to kick at his chest. With a disappointed look on his face, Horsa shook his head before lifting the protogen up a few more feet in the air before slamming him down against the ground, where he landed in a crumpled heap.
All of Kallium’s mechanical parts dimmed slightly for a moment before turning back on as Horsa crouched over him, pinning Kallium’s legs down. The protogen didn’t have enough strength to resist against Horsa as he firmly planted a scaly paw on the back of his head. Kallium stared at Horsa with a pained look on his expression as he slowly opened his maw, only to have the giant, yawning cavern lurch forwards, engulfing his entire head in one swift motion.
Kallium’s metallic visor loudly squished against Horsa’s fleshy tongue as it splattered sticky saliva all along the underside of his head and neck. Weakly groaning, Kallium felt his ears get forced down as Horsa loudly snapped his maw closed around Kallium’s head, plunging him entirely into darkness.
He groaned weakly, feeling the gusts of heated carnivore breath washing over him, leaving tiny droplets of saliva over his fur and visor. He tried to force open his mouth to say something, anything, but found it cemented shut as Horsa’s massive tongue slathered thick gobs of spit along his entire visor, sinking deeper and deeper into it, gumming it all up.
Seconds after, he could feel Horsa’s giant sticky tongue licking all around his ears. The sound of saliva squelching surrounded him as the sticky slime began to seep into his ears, towards his eardrums, before Horsa’s tongue wrapped tightly around his head, pulling him deeper into his maw. Kallium’s breath grew short as he watched Horsa’s uvula grow larger and larger, ultimately mashing against the tip of his visor, forcing it to go down into Horsa’s throat.Kallium braced himself for Horsa to swallow his head down—a fate that didn’t come. Instead, a wet sucking sound surrounded him forcing him to close his eyes, the sound unbearably loud to him. His entire head vibrated as the saliva surrounding him rose then fell, sinking deeper into his matted fur and malfunctioning visor. He weakly tried groaning, but let out a soft mechanical screech.
Another gust of carnivore breath washed past Kallium as he felt the giant tongue pull him further into Horsa’s maw, only to be pulled down past the uvula by a torrent of muck and slime into the tense throat muscles as the uvula began mashing against the very tip of Kallium’s furry head. Feeling his throat be pulled into the soaking pink cavern, Kallium weakly tried to place his paws onto Horsa’s chest.
Horsa’s loud chuckle boomed all around Kallium as he felt the hetrisini’s large tongue slowly start lapping at his entire neck. A split-second later, Kallium felt the entire tongue quickly wrapped around his neck, matting down all of his fur as it squeezed tightly. Kallium went limp as thick gobs of saliva seeped out from underneath the tongue, spilling over onto his shoulder and torso.
The effect was instant as Kallium began violently coughing, gasping for breath. Kallium tried to force his arms up to wrangle the tongue off of his throat, instead only causing loud, metallic scraping sounds as his shoulder joints vainly tried to turn. Horsa malevolently laughed at the sound, gulping Kallium’s head deeper into his throat, his own throat slipping out of the tongue’s slimy grasp, only to be mashed down by the uvula.
Kallium frantically gasped for breath as he felt Horsa licking at his shoulders, further gumming them up. The joints buzzed loudly as they slowly shorted, the light draining from them. Helpless to do anything else, Kallium kicked at Horsa’s chest, whiffing everytime, prompting Horsa to start laughing once again.
Before Kallium could react, he felt Horsa’s throat open as a wave of saliva rushed past him, dragging the very tip of his visor down to Horsa’s stomach. Kallium grunted loudly as he felt the throat painfully constrict around him once again while the entirety of his metal breastplate was dragged into Horsa’s maw.
The acidic smell of the stomach started to assault the protogen’s senses as he felt Horsa’s thick tongue happily licking around his entire breastplate. His breathing grew quicker as he felt the slime and muck settling deeper and deeper into it, before Horsa quickly wrapped his tongue around it, pushing him deeper into his maw as he greedily gulped all of Kallium’s head, trapping it within his stomach.
Kallium’s visor flickered once again as the acidic smell and inferno-like temperatures began messing with him. He bobbed his head back and forth slightly as he began purring, a totally content expression spreading across his face as he went limp. His purrs grew louder as he felt the very base of his neck and shoulders being squeezed into Horsa’s throat.
Listening to Horsa’s loud murrs, Kallium could feel Horsa’s large tongue lapping at his furry stomach, matting down all the fur with thick gobs of saliva. A couple of seconds later, he could feel Horsa wrapping his entire tongue around his waist. He waited a few seconds before he began loudly sucking on Kallium like a furry lollipop, while grabbing at his throat and affectionately massaging the giant bulge in his throat left by Kallium. Kallium purred loudly, overjoyed by the stimulation as he wiggled, forcing himself deeper down into Horsa’s throat and stomach.
Seconds later, Kallium could feel Horsa let go of his throat and swallow. His throat and shoulders spilled into Horsa’s stomach as he felt the air rushing around his legs as they were lifted upwards. Allowing gravity to do the work, Kallium was forced further down Horsa’s throat by another torrent of saliva as Horsa greedily swallowed all of the protogen’s breastplate down, pulling his metallic hips and hands inside of his maw.
Kallium began laughing hysterically as he felt Horsa licking at his empty paws. The protogen weakly grabbed at the tongue with each hand, allowing Horsa to lick at his palm for several seconds before the tongue wrapped around his arms instead, licking them up and down, before repeating the process with the other palm. Kallium’s purrs grew louder as Horsa blew another gust of carnivore breath at him, before wrapping his tongue around the sides of Kallium’s metal hips.
Weakly trying to move his hips, Kallium was greeted by the loud sound of mechanical whirring as they failed to budge a single inch, the lights flickering off, only to feel Horsa’s throat open up all the way as more of his body was swallowed down, bringing his feet into Horsa’s maw. The rest of his torso, and part of his hips spilled into his stomach, pushing Horsa’s stomach out further and further.
Seconds later, Kallium began laughing hysterically as he felt Horsa lapping at the bottom of his feet, coating them all in sticky saliva over and over. Kallium could feel Horsa’s tongue fully wrap around both of his feet and constantly keep licking at them until his feet naturally slipped out of reach of his tongue, down his throat. Finally, only his tail remained untouched as he greedily ensnared it with his tongue, matting down all of the fur as he coated it with saliva.
With a couple more gulps, Horsa had fully swallowed all of Kallium, and secured him in his gut, as he licked his muzzle once again. He placed his back against the wall, sliding down it as he spread out his legs, making room for his giant, distended stomach, which Horsa affectionately rubbed.
Purring profusely, Kallium manually forced himself into a tight ball of slimy metal and fur as Horsa smeared muck from the stomach walls all over him. A few seconds later, a ground-shaking belch echoed through the night as the stomach painfully constricted around Kallium as Horsa burped up white and gray fur, which danced in the air for a few seconds before falling.
Kallium’s parts slowly started to turn off as he slipped into hibernation prompted by the combination of the sticky sludge coating him, the soft kneading of the stomach, and the faint bodily noises surrounding him.
Horsa smiled, giving one last belch before his eyes began fluttering shut. He affectionately rubbed the thick bulge created by the protogen once again before giving a few wry chuckles. Closing his eyes, he let his hands fall off to either side of him. If his prey was still around in the morning, maybe he’d let him out. Maybe. But that was no thought for now. He had caught a wonderful meal. The allure of a good meal proved too much for Horsa as he fell asleep, sealing Kallium’s fate…

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