Cared Vore

The night loudly made itself known, as a torrential storm punctured by the deafening rumble of thunder, coupled with the frequent blinding flashes of lightning, and bullet-like rain bouncing off the window raged outside. Fearfully, sitting on the bed, Korina tightly clutched at the light blue quilt wrapped around him, firmly holding it in place with one paw as the other held the hand-knitted red dragon plushie with giant, black-button eyes against his chest. Faintly under his breath, he fearfully whimpered and jaggedly sucked in breath as his tail curled into his lap, while staring outside. No matter how hard he wanted to look away from the storm outside, he couldn’t bring himself to look away. It was no secret that the storm scared him, nor that he despised them in the first place.

His eyes went wide with fright as another bolt of lighting darted across the sky, illuminating the sheets of rain. A second later, a crack of thunder like a whip shook the entire house, prompting him to dive beneath his blankets whilst quivering in pure terror. Not even a moment later a faint knock emanated from his door—barely perceptible over the din. Korina slowly raised his head beneath the blankets as he tilted his head. Another knock came, accompanied by a soft voice inquiring “Kori? May I come in?” It was Dave, Korina’s caretaker, pseudo-father, along with his other countless jobs—the most notable one in this moment being caretaker.

Meekly, Korina breathed “Yea, come in,” as he gently poked his snout and eyes from underneath the blankets, as another crack of thunder roared across the sky. Fearfully yelping, the door slowly swung open—the light from the hall spilling into the dark room, the shadows menacingly stretching towards Korina at all angles. The giant beast of a dragon calmly looked at Korina, reading the fear in his eyes, before deeply sighing. Dave closed his eyes, lowering his head, as he slowly trudged into the room, slowly closing the door behind him.

The second the dragon completely entered the room, Korina instantly leapt out from underneath the blankets and hastily scrambled towards the scaly beast. His frantic whimpering slowly became whines of comfort as he jumped into the dragon’s awaiting arms, embracing him in a tight hug. His tail violently beat back and forth as the dragon bent over to scoop the hybrid up. With the Hetrisini in his arms, Dave calmly raised one muscular arm up to cradle him as he gently scratched at the back of his head.

The cool warmth of Dave’s body enveloped Korina like a blanket, artificially calming him down. Serenely staring at the whimpering whelp, Dave gently climbed into Korina’s bed before softly wrapping his wings and the blankets around them. Another thunderclap echoed around them, prompting Dave to press Korina a little tighter against his body, as the Hetrisini clutched at him like his life depended it. Lowering his head, Dave slowly extended a finger over the hybrid’s maw, shushing him. “Shush… Calm… It is fine Kori… You are safe now…” Dave tenderly whispered with a patient smile.

Korina’s fretful whimpering slowly died down as he closed his eyes. Seconds later, another blinding flash of lightning streaked across the sky—even with his eyes closed, Korina could see it, prompting him to involuntarily yelp, his body shaking anew. Korina could feel every detail of the dragon’s rough scales—its cool warmth—shifting over him, as he stared at Dave.

Nary a moment later, Korina saw Dave slowly lower his head away from the window to face him. “Kori… Would you like me to use dragonsong to help pacify you, and let you remain in my stomach until the storm passes?” Dave gently asked. Korina could sense the small amount of apprehension in the dragon’s voice. It was not out of concern of either getting hurt—they had done this very thing countless other times before—but rather the storm would have some adverse effect during the ordeal.

Faintly nodding and whimpering in agreement, Korina muttered “Yea, please.” As soon as he did so, he could sense the dragon shifting around, trying to make the process as effortless as possible. He could feel one of the dragon’s large, scaled paws gently raise his head above the dragon’s heart as Dave started humming a low note, perfectly in sync with his heartbeat. Holding the note for several seconds, Dave gradually transitioned into a slow-moving, yet guttural rhythm. It was dragonsong, a form of magic native to dragons that manifested in a way unique to the user. Dave’s song held the ability to pacify any fearful or wounded creature, lulling them into a trance-like state between lucidity and the abyss.

Korina soon found himself pressing harder against the dragon—the knot in his stomach slowly untangling itself—as his body went limber. With eyes fluttering, he could feel a profound sense of calm overtaking him as the storm slowly seemed to grow farther and farther from him. Murring softly in pleasure, his tail limply bounced up and down as he felt the dragon gently lower his body against his, before bringing their faces level. Through the mental haze, Korina gave the gargantuan beast a curt nod, prompting Dave to slowly open the giant fleshy cavern of his maw. Strands of drool stretched between his white teeth, while thick gobs of saliva streamed down his tongue.

A dense gust of heated draconic breath washed over Korina as Dave’s tongue lolled out, firmly planting itself underneath the Hetrisini’s jaw, and along his chest with a loud plop. Loudly murring, Korina slowly pushed his head forwards, feeling the dragon’s tongue snaking across his neck and towards his face. Closing his eyes, Korina allowed Dave’s jaws to engulf him—his tongue lapping at his face, matting his fur, and coating him in a layer of saliva. At the same time, Korina could hear a low rumble of pleasure emanate from Dave. They both knew that Dave enjoyed eating Korina—savored his flavor—as much as Korina relished being in Dave’s scaled gut.

Soon after, all the fur around the hybrid’s head and ears were matted down with the thick ropes saliva, sticking him to the dragon’s giant tongue. Another bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, quickly accompanied by the deafening boom of thunder. Korina lazily tried to raise his head—the sound of the storm barely registering—only to give up when the minimal effort he put forth failed. Instead, he just deeply sighed in pleasure as another gust washed over him. The familiar smell of the dragon’s gut—a combination of stomach acid and the dragon’s own musk—coupled with the warm breath only made the Hetrisini feel safer.

Gently, Korina started to push himself towards the dragon’s gullet—his head effortlessly sliding across the dragon’s tongue. When he finally reached the snug hole—the tip of his snout poking into the slimy depths—he could feel the dragon’s tongue loosely wrap around the upper half of his body, holding him firmly in place, only to sense the dragon begin sucking at him, like a furry lollipop. Korina could feel the muck of the dragon’s saliva dissipate into his fur, as the dragons tongue soaked up his flavor. Korina didn’t object, instead weakly wiggling his body to allow it to be smeared as much as possible.

Shortly after, the fleshy hole widened as Korina felt the dragon gently raising him upwards with his tongue. His entire head effortlessly slid into the dragon’s taut gullet as it loudly squished and contoured around him. The pressure from the dragon’s tense muscles loosely pressed against him as it slowly worked him down to the dragon’s gut. Korina could faintly sense the temperature slowly growing hotter, the air more humid, as he descended—the layer of saliva sticking to his fur acting as a layer of insulation for him.

Weakly nuzzling the sides of the dragon’s throat, Korina could feel his entire torso spilling into the dragon’s maw. Dave’s fleshy tongue lazily wrapped around his entire chest, covering it in sludge. It all felt so good to Korina. The pressure from the dragon’s thick throat muscles, the rough tongue lapping at his torso, the heat of the dragon’s inside. Dave’s suckling grew a little faster, prompting Korina to faintly laugh as he weakly wiggled. Dave quickly stopped, causing Korina to groan before tenderly replying with “No… keep going. It feels good…”

Korina could feel Dave’s confusion before he finally resumed. Korina continued to laugh and wiggle—the storm a distant memory—as he felt the tip of his snout start poking into the fleshy cavern of the dragon’s gut. He deeply inhaled, feeling the sting of acid gently burn at his nose, coupled with the smell of the dragon, intermixed a little with himself. It was deeply comforting for him. It made Korina feel safe—like nothing could hurt him. His thoughts were cut short as the rest of his head was gently gulped down into the dragon’s taut gut.

While his head took up a large portion of the gut, he knew that it would be no problem for the dragon to contain all of him. Gently rubbing his head against one of the thick stomach walls, he could feel the dragon gently begin petting his head, the loud squishing of his wet fur and slimy walls echoing around him. He smiled, a faint murr escaping his lips as he felt his torso slowly start slipping into the dragon’s gullet. A second later, he could feel the dragon suddenly tense up, the thick muscles suddenly constricting him. He winced in pain before hearing the earth-shattering rumble of thunder echo around him. Instantly, the overwhelming sense of calm that enveloped him dissipated as the muscles around him gently eased up. The fear and anxiety that once was suppressed flooded his body again, with a vengeance.

Korina gently started whimpering. First, soft, then loudly. Uncomfortably shifting, Korina weakly started to force the rest of his torso into the dragon’s scaled gut—aided by Dave gulping. He could feel the dragon’s thick tongue tightly wrap around his legs and feet, only his tail remaining untouched. Fearfully pawing at a wall, Korina could feel Dave’s stomach slowly constrict around him, keeping him rooted in one spot as the loud squishing of the walls echoed around him. It didn’t take long for Dave to gulp down his legs, and slurp his tail into his awaiting maw—his entire body overtaken with the heat of the dragon’s body. At the same time, Korina could feel the dragon’s taut stomach muscles gently splay around him, mushing more sludge against him, in an attempt to pacify him.

Instead, Korina attempted to weakly raise his head—a thick strand of saliva stretching from the side of his head to the stomach wall—as he loudly whimpered again. His panic was starting to get the better of him as he impatiently planted both his hands against the stomach wall and pulled the rest of his body down the dragon’s gullet and into the inferno of Dave’s gut. He could feel the dragon’s gut distend, a large bulge form, as the scaly mass pressed down against him gently.

It didn’t help him; instead, he fearfully shifted around the sticky wall, the slimy sludge coating him weighing down his fur until it finally grew too heavy, forcing him to lay down. He softly groaned as he realized he was stuck before vainly trying to curl himself into a ball, the loud sound of squishing echoing around him. Finally, Dave gently inquired “Kori… are you fine?”

Korina feebly pressed against the slimy wall, feeling the tense pressure of the scaled gut press back harder. “Yea… I’m… fine…” he gently murmured as the gut squished tightly around him, like a slimy blanket. They both knew it was a lie.

“Be honest Korina,” Dave firmly proclaimed. The dragon’s words caught the terrified hybrid off-guard. He only used his full name when he was deadly serious. “I know my saliva has weighed down your fur too much for you to move, and that my gut walls are enveloping you just enough to prevent you from moving; otherwise, you would certainly be trembling in fright, no?”

Another crack of thunder. Korina yelped loudly, trying to curl into a tighter ball, prompting Dave’s stomach muscles to tightly press around him, while they tenderly caressed his entire figure, like a massage. He whimpered loudly, trying to drown out all the sounds around him as he panted heavily, his eyes wide with fright, as he struggled against the confines of Dave’s gut. “Fine… I’m not fine Dave… I’m really not fine… I just want you to turn me into pudge right now. I just want to disappear. To not have to deal with this storm. All of that would be better than dealing with it. I know you safely can, and then bring me back,” he bitterly yelled.

The words caught both of them off-guard, prompting Korina to start stammering an apology. Dave quickly silenced the Hetrisini, gripping at the stomach around his muzzle. “Korina. No. I will not. I will not for the sole reason of I care too much for you to do something like that. I need you to calm down in order for my song to be able to take effect again, at least to the best of your abilities. Focus on the sounds of my body. Once you do that, I can help pacify you again. Understood?” he fiercely proclaimed.

Korina simply whimpered in agreement, before closing his eyes again. He slowly started inhaling and exhaling in time with the dragon, and listening to the soothing rhythm of the dragon’s heart beating and blood coursing through his body. Gradually, the storm grew further and further away to Korina, before he felt the entire cavern around him vibrating intensely in a low hum. Slowly, but surely, he felt his worries disappearing. The dragon’s stomach working around him, along with the sounds of the dragon’s body at work, the stifling heat and smell, all blended together in his mind, causing him to feel safe. Content. Everything about it felt pleasant—soothing—as a faint smile came to his lips.

He moaned again, mouth opening slightly. He could feel the stomach walls on all sides of him slowly kneading harder. As it matted down his fur more. Mushed against his skin. There was a certain tenderness to it. It was like someone was petting him all over—or a slimy blanket had been draped around him. He didn’t want the feeling to end. Being in the dragon—stewing in their slimy gut—all felt so surreal. So nice. He gently pawed at one of the walls. It gently contorted around his paw, engulfing it. He hazily chuckled.

He could feel the dragon gingerly rubbing all around him—tending to him—keeping him calm. Coupled with the sounds of the dragon’s own body at work, and Dave pacifying him through dragonsong, he felt safe. Content. That nothing could, nor would, harm him. As his eyes fluttered shut, he smiled before softly saying “Dave… thank you.”

Dave smiled, gently rubbing where Korina’s head resided. “You are welcome.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Kori. I will let you out when you wake up, alright?”

“Mmm… Sounds good… Good night…”

“Good night Kori,” Dave gently whispered as he felt Korina drift off into sleep. He smiled, rubbing his gut once again before looking out the window. The storm still raged on, with lightning and thunder, but it didn’t faze him. Korina was safely sleeping. That was all he cared about—that he was safe, and doing fine—and that was the last thing that crossed his mind as sleep also claimed him.

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