Hopping Beats

Fire loudly opened the two dark oak doors to his office, an orange ceramic coffee mug in hand. Silently stepping into the sparsely furnished room, he softly shut the doors. His black pants and blue sweatshirt faintly swished as he strode over to the giant, cluttered desk laid directly in front of him. Lightly putting his right hand on the black leather rolling chair, he rolled it towards him.

Sitting down in the chair, he rolled it back closer to the desk, as he loudly sipped his coffee. Loudly placing the mug onto the desk, he grabbed the mouse with his free hand and with a quick flick of the wrist, the computer whirred back to life. A few noisy clicks later, he was where he was before; FireAlpaca, his animating software and Spotify both opened once again.

A song Fire didn’t recognize suddenly started playing; it sounded like the same five notes played continuously layered over the same chord. He paid no mind to it, resuming his animation of someone transforming into a kangaroo. Then, he suddenly started to feel it; his tailbone steadily began growing into the shape of a tail, pushing his pants down as it went.

He fearfully got out of the chair, confusedly turning his head over his left shoulder. His new appendage was covered in tan fur, and was relatively thick at its base while it slowly tapered away the further it grew. It hung low to the ground, pushing his pants downwards as it went. Staring at it in shock, he muttered under his breath, frantically flailing a hand along his desk, trying to find his phone.

Feeling the cool metal beneath his hand, he quickly grabbed it and pulled it in front of his face. The phone buzzed in his hands, not recognizing his fingerprint as he diverted his attention to it. Shakily unlocking the phone, he quickly swiped over to the phone app, pulling it open. He started dialing 911 only to have the phone die on him.

Pushing the phone back onto the desk, he frantically shifted his attention back to the tail. A brown patch of fur, shaped like a narrow diamond, sprouted out of the top of his fur. By now, the tail had fully pushed his pants to the ground as he started glancing around the room, unsure of what to do next while his gaze finally settled onto the computer.

Hastily bringing his legs out of the pants, he threw them off to the side as he dropped beneath the desk, an excited smile streaking across his face. He quickly looked around the dusty underside, finally settling on the white surge protector. Reaching towards it, one hand firmly planted onto the plug, he grabbed the gray cord to the computer. Violently yanking it out, the computer—and music—slowly drained of life as it softly whirred, the last few notes it echoed slurred.

He relievedly sighed as he got up, briefly glancing at the tail. His short-lived hope that it had stopped growing—or outright disappeared—quickly evaporated as he stared at it. Not only was he wrong, but two more crevasse-like patches of brown fur lined the curved tail, an equal distance from one another. His eyes moved down the tail, ultimately ending on the small, orange-colored tip.

Fire started to run towards the two doors of the office, slowed by the thick tail silently dragging behind him. He grabbed both brass doorknobs, pulling the doors open. Feeling the fur slowly spreading across his hips, turning them at an angle whilst distending them into large, rotund circles, he instinctively crouched down slightly. Relying on his tail to regain his balance, he didn’t move any further. He fearfully breathed, looking down at his furry legs as he felt warm hands slowly rubbing the fur-covered areas.

Unsure of what to do—conflicted between standing there or moving—he breathlessly watched as he realized he was slightly growing inch-by-inch, his legs slowly curving around his now circular hips. Fire knew he couldn’t walk, yet knew deep down if he did nothing, he’d be resigned to the fate of whatever it was. Mustering the will to push forwards, he slowly began hopping across the hallway. At first, his hopping was weak, only propelling him a foot or so forth at a time, nearly losing his balance each time.

He slowly started to balance on the balls of his feet, as the hands steadily began working its way down his feet next. Then, he saw the fur slowly shifting his feet into thick, padded paws. As he silently watched in horror, he saw his toes slowly shift, instead growing into three equally-sized digits, with thin pads growing along the undersides of his paws. Soon after, his feet had been fully changed and he started hopping further each time. He landed against the wooden floor with loud thuds each time, quickly feeling the warm hands fully rubbing every square-inch of his now furry lower-half.

He finally hopped into the kitchen, putting both hands on his widened thighs, pushing them inwards as he squeezed past the thin arch separating the two rooms. No longer slipping with each hop, Fire looked around the cramped kitchen-space, feeling the fur slowly spiraling up around his waist, bulging his sweatshirt as it grew. Eyes fixated on the phone across the cramped room, he saw everything around him subtly moving downwards. His mouth hung agape as he the TV kicked to life, playing the same infernal song as before. Jamming his hands over his ears, he slowly hopped across the room, bending over fully, head tilted to the side, lest he hit his head against the small roof.

Quickly running his hands over the cord to the TV, he yanked it out of the outlet, grabbing the phone besides it. He held it in his hands, feeling the warmth slowly and steadily making their way up his stomach and back. With his breath faltering, he slowly started hopping out of the kitchen, barely able to traverse his way through.

He ducked down lower, nearly banging his head against the ceiling once again as he narrowly snaked a way through the cramped room, his thighs getting stuck on furniture as he went. A few moments after, he managed to get through to the tight archway of the front hall. He closed up his entire figure, pulling his wide thighs into himself as he hopped through the arch, getting stuck in the process. Putting both hands on the other side of the wall, he forcibly pushed himself through, hopping into the front hall as he dialed 911. A few rings later, the line went through. He sighed for a moment before he finally spoke.

“Hello? Hello? I need help! I know… I know this sounds insane, but, I’m being transformed into a kangaroo!” he hastily explained, the worry slowly draining from his face as he squeezed underneath the archways to the front hall. His blue sweatshirt slowly swelled larger and larger, nearly ripping at the seams.

He was met with a few moments of dead silence before the operator finally spoke to him. “Is this a prank?” they incredulously asked. “This is 911. Don’t waste our time! If you call this number again, I’ll have you arrested!”

Fire stood there, mouth agape as the line clicked. He dropped the phone in shock as the same song faintly emanated from behind the monotonous tone of the dead line. It shattered instantly upon landing on the ground, pieces of plastic scattering all around the room. He could only stare at the broken fragments of the phone as his sweatshirt loudly ripped in half. His gaze instantly snapped down to the giant, furry stomach in front of him. It was a lighter shade of tan than the rest of his fur as it slowly spread towards his shoulders.

As he hesitated, he felt the hands slowly rubbing across his body, a multitude of hands rubbing at his stomach. He felt conflicted, mentally debating if he should even bother progressing past the stairs. The allure of the warm hands, slowly cast him into submission as he shook his head, trying to push the thought as far away as he could. Reaching out towards the handrail, he got a glance at the fur slowly descending his arms.

He quickly hopped up onto the stairs, trying to get as far up as he could, only to fall down each time. Falling onto his stomach, Fire helplessly watched as his hands slowly transformed into furry paws. A single thick pad started appearing across his palms as he pushed himself up once again, trying to force himself up the stairs, his thighs dragging against the walls.

Fire breathlessly stared at the fur slowly covering his fingers, changing them into four, equal-sized fingers. As he reached the top of the stairs, he turned his furry paws around, staring at each of the furry pads on the tips of his new fingers. Looking at his new hands, he moved his fingers around, silently admiring them as he felt the fur slowly growing denser around his neck. Shaking his head, he finally forced himself up the rest of the stairs, quickly reaching the landing, and continuing towards his bedroom.

Scrambling onto the landing, he felt the fur slowly creeping up his neck. His hopping grew slower the closer he got to his bedroom. He felt the fur slowly creeping at the edges of his mouth. Fire felt his mouth instinctively fall open, as it rapidly took hold over the rest of his mouth and surrounded his nose. He felt the fur slowly disfiguring it into a muzzle, as he quickly threw his hands up towards his new muzzle. It grew beneath his paws, pushing them further away, stopping soon after. The muzzle felt like the rest of his body, sans neck, and matched the color of his stomach. Fearfully staring at it, he slowly traced it fully around as he pushed towards his room.

Then, the fur slowly started stretching up towards his ears. He fearfully panted as he felt the fur quickly being covered with thick tufts of fur, quickly disappearing underneath the rolling folds of dense fur. Moments later instead, his ears slowly sprouted out of the top of his head instead. Two, fluffy, curved pods steadily grew out of his fluffy hair. He hopped over to the white door leading to his bedroom, fumbling with the tiny doorknob as he hastily let himself into the room.

Tightly forcing himself into the room, he hopped over to the phone besides his bed, the fur slowly crawling around the back of his head. It slowly took root along his blond hair, growing it into similar thick coat, changed its color to match the rest of his fur. He paused, before hesitantly putting his hands up towards his new furry head. He felt around the furry head, as the coat slowly spread down towards his eyes.

Grabbing the phone in his oversized furry paws, he aimlessly fumbled with the buttons, unable to press any of them. The fur slowly covered the rest of his head, creeping towards his eyes as he frantically tried to dial 911. He didn’t get very far before the fur fully covered his eyes, draining him of the last bits of resistance he could offer.

He hazily blinked a few times, his irises changing from blue to gold, as he dropped the phone, swaying slightly. As the phone fell to the ground, the song it played grew louder, seemingly mocking him. Fire didn’t care however. He closed his eyes as he felt the air rushing around him followed by the wooden frame of his bed creaking loudly as he was gently laid down.

With a defeated groan, a faint smile crept at his lips. He enjoyed the warm hands slowly rubbing all over his now furry body, and how they left nothing untouched by their warmth. Coupled with the music, he slowly drifted off into sleep, slowly coming around to enjoying all the stimulation. Within moments, he was asleep as the music slowly faded away. Only once the music was fully gone, a soft, teasing voice silently whispered, “Goodnight Fire.”

Then, there was only silence save Fire softly snoring, as he fully gave into the transformation…

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