Magic Trick

Eli laid down on his moderately sized gray bed with a comic book in hand. He idly flipped through each of the pages, barely paying attention to the evil wizard turning the helpless villagers into gray rabbits when Marissa, a young, thirteen year old girl with wavy black hair and green eyes barged into Eli’s messy room.

She paused for a moment before harshly demanding “Did you kill my rabbit?” in her shrill voice. Marissa placed both her hands on her hips and leaned forwards as she stared at Eli with a cold determination in her eyes.

Without bothering to flip the comic book down to look at her, Eli replied with “No,” in the most monotonic voice he could manage.

Marissa wasn’t happy with the flippant reply as she instantly snapped back “I know it was you! Just admit it!” taking a single step closer to him, jabbing a finger in his general direction.

Eli lazily flipped the comic book down, an unamused look lingering on his face as he stared directly at Marissa. “If I say it was me, will you leave me alone?” he dryly asked her, raising the comic book back up.

Angrily huffing, Marissa stomped her right foot against the carpet as she vehemently glared at Eli, her eyes full of malice and hatred. She silently snarled at him as a wicked grin quickly spread across her face. “Why yes,” Marissa wryly snarled through clenched teeth. “Yes it will.”

“Fine, I killed your rabbit. Now go away,” he angrily demanded as he flipped the page without bothering to look at her.

“How did you kill my rabbit?” came Marissa’s instant retort. She lowered her head slightly, her devilish grin growing wider as she did.

“I snapped its neck! Are you happy now? Can you leave me alone?” he angrily shouted at Marissa as he threw the comic book off towards the side. He stared at Marissa, who silently mouthed something to herself. Eli’s rage quickly subsided as mere seconds later he quickly glanced down at his crossed legs. To his horror, sprouting out of his feet, towards his toenails, was a thick tuft of gray fur.

Eli’s entire demeanor suddenly shifted the second he spotted the gray fur. Stammering over his words, he felt his blue shirt and beige pants slowly start growing larger as his feet began disappearing underneath his pants. The gray fur started to spiral around the rest of his foot, his heart fluttering violently on the inside as he silently trembled in fear. After a few moments of panic, while shoving aside worried thoughts of what was happening, Eli finally managed to choke out “W-What… What are you doing… to m-me?” in a fearful whisper.

Marissa didn’t reply however, instead evilly laughing at Eli. Eli then felt the gray fur quickly enveloping the rest of his feet. He shook his head, trying to convince himself that it was just a nightmare, but deep down he knew it was reality. He knew that it was karma for killing Marissa’s rabbit. He didn’t spend very long dwelling on the thought before he involuntarily curved his legs and began forcefully kicking his beige pants off.

His eyes fearfully traced his now fur-covered feet, taking in every detail as he watched the fluff start working its way down his curved legs. Breath quickening, he watched them slowly turn into rotund circles rather than hips as he began begging Marissa to stop. Instead, Marissa softly chuckled to herself as she shook her head. “I think you’ll make a much better rabbit Eli…” she calmly teased him.

Shaking his head forcefully, thoughts of submitting to the transformation started to tug at him. Eli softly began muttering “no” to himself over and over as he tried to fight the intrusive thoughts plaguing his mind. He quickly glanced at both of his hands as his chin began to dip beneath his shirt’s collar while he helplessly watched as his fingertips started to reach the edge of his shirt sleeves. They quickly disappeared beneath the blue fabric as his gaze finally settled on his legs. He watched the fur start making its way up his rotund legs, towards the very bottom of his waist.

With all his might, Eli firmly planted both hands on the bed, forcefully flipping himself onto his stomach. His shirt fell off as he placed both of his fluffy hind-paws on the bed. Tentatively locking eyes with Marissa, fear and panic echoed through the back of his mind. Through soft whimpering, he faintly stammered “M-Marissa… I-I-I’ll do anything… p-please… n-not this…” as he glanced towards his backside, feeling the fur start spreading along his tailbone.

He stared in horror, eyes wide and jaw agape, at the small, fluffy, bulb-like tail sprouting out of his tailbone. The tail wiggled back and forth the longer Eli stared at it, his figure shaking more violently. His focus shifted back to Marissa who simply smirked at him. “Nope. You killed my rabbit. I think you’ll make a much better one. Don’t you think?” she malevolently laughed, walking forwards and holding the base of his chin in her hand.

Eli weakly tried pulling away from her, but couldn’t move. He tried shaking his head the best he could, feeling the fur spreading along his chest, towards his shoulders as the thoughts of giving in started to grow stronger with each passing second. He wanted to just give into it, to let the thoughts take over. But on the other hand, Eli was scared of what would happen. He wasn’t sure of what would happen to his mind once it was complete. Shortly after, his eyes started to grow puffy and clouded as wet tears began forming at the edges of his eyes. Marissa smiled as she let Eli go. “I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t go anywhere!” she wryly teased Eli as she began walking out of the room.

He shook his head, vainly trying to tell her not to go anywhere. Instead, only silence came out. Eli involuntarily jerked his head towards his shoulders, noticing the gray fur beginning to reach the very back of his shoulder blades. Weakly trying to take a few tentative steps forwards, Eli felt his arms buckle beneath his weight as the fluff started descending his shoulders.

He helplessly turned his head back, watching the fur slowly working its way down his arm towards his elbows. Eli whimpered softly, slowly realizing that he was losing his mind and he was forced to be a bunny until he died. He lowered his head, loudly sobbing through closed eyes. There was nothing he could do as the fur rapidly made its way down the rest of his arm, towards his wrists. Resigned to his fate, Eli slowly opened his eyes to watch as the fur slowly engulfed the rest of his hands.

It began with his wrists, thick tufts of gray fur sprouting out as it worked its way down the rest of his hand. Then, the rest of his palm fell prey to the fluff slowly consuming his entire figure. He limply tried pulling up his hand to see the underside of his palm to no avail as the fur slowly spiraled down the rest of his fingers. Seconds later, the fur fully engulfed the rest of his hand as his nails slowly grew out into short, amber claws.

Slowly managing to work himself back up, he blankly stared at the new paws as mixed thoughts began racing through his mind. He wasn’t sure how to feel about all of it. On one hand, he was slowly starting to enjoy it, but he still kept clinging onto the hope that he could stop it all from happening.. He fearfully whimpered, feeling the fur start creeping up his neck towards his scalp. He shook his head as he closed his eyes once again. He softly sobbed as the fur started to take hold at the roots of his hair, slowly shrinking it into short, gray strands of fur.

His breath shook once again, the thoughts of submission grew louder and stronger the more of his head the fur claimed. Shortly after, it began ebbing at his will to keep holding out hope that he could stop it. It wasn’t long after until Eli felt the fur working its way around the side of his head, towards his ears. He forcefully scratched at the fur around the sides of his head with his hind-paws. His own sobs were quickly drowned out in silence as he felt the fur fully cover his ears within seconds as the fur started to transform his ears.

It didn’t stop him from fearfully scratching at them, quickly feeling nothing but fur there. He tried yelling as loud as he could, but could only hear silence. He closed his eyes, large, wet tears forming at the edge of his eyes as he felt the top of his head become covered in fur. It was only seconds later that he could hear his hearing slowly coming back as the fur started to produce two long, rabbit-like ears at the top of his head. His sobbing started off weak, barely audible, but it quickly surged to greater strengths than before as his eyes were covered by fur, forcing them shut and casting him into suffocatingly black silence.

He spent several seconds within the silence as he felt the fur begin spreading towards the bridge of his nose. With what little remaining strength of his left, he weakly tried calling out for help one last time. Instead, nothing came out as he felt his closed eyes being forced on either side of his now elongated bridge.

He whimpered once again as he forced his now purely black, circular eyes open. He felt his mouth and nose slowly elongating moments after as they quickly formed a tiny muzzle and pink, triangular nose. It wasn’t long after that, the thoughts of losing his family vanished from his mind as he blinked several times. Eli was no longer certain of what he was scared about as he aimlessly hopped about on the bed, watching Marissa re-enter his room.

She smiled at him as she quickly scooped him up into a small, metal cage and noisily locked it before she began talking to him. Eli tilted his head, unsure of what Marissa was saying, but that didn’t matter to him. He wouldn’t be able to understand it anyways…

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