Quality Time With Master Jun

      Kori the predominantly dark gray drone, with blue and yellow stripes and marks across their body slowly approached the forest temple where Master Jun resided, pausing just outside the numerous torii gates that lead up to the temple. The tubes that ran from their cheeks to their back, and along their thighs constantly swirled with yellow and blue goo, more aggressively than usual. Exhaling a string of deep blue smoke, they looked up at the gates, clutching the note that was delivered to them. It wasn’t often someone got directly summoned by a handwritten note from Master Jun himself. Apprehension filled Kori’s mind as they shook their head, continuing down the cobblestone path leading into the temple, both of their tails gently dragging behind them. Kori silently wondered in their mind if this was about the splinter-community Master Jun had entrusted them with creating and maintaining, just to ensure the main community didn’t overflow. It wasn’t uncommon for this type of thing to happen—though the exact structure the communities were built in, was up to the leader of it. Kori’s structure—or rather, lack thereof—was rather simple: whoever wanted to join was welcome with open arms, whether they were a balanced drone, bonded drone, or something else. The exhausting part of it all, was simply finding the time to ensure everyone was fine in the community, day in and day out.
      Thoughts swirling around, they continued treading up the pathway leading to the temple. Kori exhaled another stream of dark blue smoke—the faintest effect of the euphoria caused by it twinging in their mind—a habit they only practiced when nervous. Another stream exited their nostrils as they drew closer to the door, until they were standing directly outside of it. Pausing, they raised a paw to knock on the door before hesitating—prompting a thought echoing in their mind in a soft, reassuring tone: “Come in Kori, my child.” It was Master Jun’s voice. He knew they were standing right there.
      More smoke as Kori slowly slid the door open and stepped inside. Master Jun’s temple was sparsely decorated—as he often didn’t spend a lot of time present, really only returning when he needed to rest. The only thing in the temple that really caught Kori’s attention was the desk directly beside it, with all the notes on the various drones in the harem. Finally, Kori looked at Master Jun in all his beauty. Predominantly white, with the same markings that all zendrones shared—his markings were a gradient each of the aura’s possible colors, starting with red at the top, going all the way down to purple at his feet. Each of his tails slowly swished about behind him as Kori nodded at him. “Master Jun; a pleasure to see you again,” Kori silently thought back, trying to hide their blatant nervousness. 
      They could feel a patient smile coming from Master Jun as he removed a paw from his legs and ushered Kori inside. “Please, come inside and take a seat. Close the door behind you, if you do not mind. How are you holding up?” Master Jun silently replied. He had an air of calmness that was hard to not enjoy when you were in his presence. Obediently, Kori nodded and entered into the room, gently sliding the door shut behind them. Walking across the room, they took a seat besides Master Jun and looked off towards the walls, instead of at Master Jun.
      Exhaling another stream of dark blue smoke, Kori’s gaze turned back towards the door. “Fine, I guess. It’s just busy trying to build and manage the sub-community, and ensure everyone’s doing well,” Kori thought back. They could feel Master Jun giving them a cautious look—seeing through Kori’s facade, before he draped one of his arms around Kori’s shoulder, his oversized paw gently scooching them closer. Kori wiggled slightly, feeling the drone’s warm paw resting against them.
      “Kori, be honest with me. What are your true feelings?” Master Jun patiently thought, giving the smaller drone a worried look. 
      Another string of blue smoke and another patient smile. “That obvious?” they thought, turning to face Master Jun. “I’m just stressed from building it, and even more stressed about that note you sent. Not often you summon someone directly, y’know?” 
      “I know. That is exactly why I summoned you. Come relax with me for a little while, and take your mind off the matter,” he thought, as his other paw went around Kori’s waistline and tugged him around into a warm hug. Master Jun’s paws easily covered Kori’s entire backside as he hugged them tightly, his paws slowly rubbing up and down Kori’s back. With their heads side-by-side, Kori flashed Master Jun a confused half-stare, tilting their head, as a new thought blossomed in their mind. “It is okay Kori. You can relax. It is alright. Wrap your paws around me, and just snuggle with me for a little while.” Hesitantly, Kori obliged, slowly wrapping their paws around Master Jun’s backside, pulling him a little closer to themself, as one of Master Jun’s tails slowly snaked around underneath Kori’s chin and raised it up so both of their muzzles were on the same level. Cautiously, Kori glanced around before feeling Master Jun press his muzzle against theirs in a faux kiss—their tails gently pounding up and down against the wooden floor of the temple as they leaned in closer to Master Jun’s embrace. “That is right Kori, just relax. Let me handle the rest.”
      Kori slowly nodded as Master Jun exhaled blue smoke into Kori’s nostrils—the same aura they possessed. The effects were instant: Kori slowly began swaying back and forth as they inhaled the blue smoke, feeling that euphoric effect taking root in their mind. Everything about Master Jun’s touch felt electric to Kori. His warm arms wrapped around them making them feel snug and cozy, his muzzle being pressed up against their own in a faux-kiss, and finally, Master Jun gently reassuring them everything would be fine. Slowly, Kori nodded, their mind feeling hazy and unfocused as they gently wrapped their paws more tightly around Master Jun’s backside.  Leaning deeper into that faux-kiss, Kori could feel the euphoria growing stronger and stronger, until they finally shifted their head to be over Master Jun’s shoulder, their tails wagging faster, a faint moan escaping their mind.
      As soon as they did, they could feel Master Jun gently placing a paw over the back of their head, keeping it there, as they instinctively wrapped even tighter around Master Jun, unwilling to let him go. Chuckling in response, Master Jun simply thought back “I am glad you’re enjoying this Kori. It is always a pleasure to have you around; I hope you know that. But, let us not spoil this moment with chatter. Let us simply enjoy the other’s presence, while it lasts.”
      Slowly, Kori tried raising their head to look at Master Jun with a curious expression, gently resisting against the giant paw resting on the back of their head. In reply, Master Jun gently pressed down on Kori’s head. “I agree. It’s always a pleasure to be around you, as well Master,” Kori hazily thought, their words slow and forced, as Master Jun slowly wrapped his paws tighter around Kori, until the two were squeezed together tightly. Kori’s tails thumping fiercely against the floor as their thoughts were simply murrs of delight as they could feel Master Jun slowly shifting both paws around their back as he effortlessly lifted them up, and gently whisked them towards the mattress. With head tilted back, Kori happily wiggled in Master Jun’s embrace, trying to get more snug against the drone.
      Shortly afterwards, Master Jun laid down on the bed, grabbing the sole blanket at the foot of the bed, and draping it over the two of them. The effects were instant—making the warmth of the snuggle deeper, and more powerful, as Kori’s tails pounded against one another; simultaneously, Kori shifted their arms to be an X-shape across Master Jun’s back as he slowly lowered his claws against their backside, and starting scratching up and down. Kori instantly arched their back forcing it deeper against the claws—what little thoughts they could cognizantly form solely focusing on how warm and cozy Master Jun’s embrace was around them, and how much they adored being around him. Feelings of tiredness slowly overtook the drone, the warmth and comfort of being snuggled so tightly slowly pulling them down as they gently reoriented themself so they could feel the raw warmth from being pressed so tightly together as Kori nuzzled his neck lovingly.
      Then, Master Jun gently shifted his head to be besides Kori’s own, before Kori gently nudged Master Jun’s muzzle into pressing against their own in another faux-kiss. Muzzles tightly pressed together, Kori slowly leaned deeper and deeper into that faux-kiss, as they slowly swayed back and forth in Master Jun’s embrace, feeling warm and tired—lethargic from all the snuggling and comfort it provided, as their head slowly drifted off to the side of Master Jun’s shoulder, until their head went limp against the mattress. They could feel Master Jun silently shushing them in thoughts, ushering them gently into resting. Waning back and forth from consciousness, Kori could feel Master Jun gently rocking them back and forth in his arms as he pulled them closer to them. Gently, one of Master Jun’s paws went to the back of Kori’s head, scratching them until they finally drifted off into sleep, all warm and cozy inside his embrace, knowing fully well, the love of the harem.

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