Some Men Want To See The World Burn

I found this old thing a while ago, but I really just haven’t had a reason to write in it. Until today. I’m not really sure what’s going on, if anything. I could just be paranoid, but, I swear when I went into town the other day, I saw less people than I normally have. It’s been like that for a few days now too. I’m not sure if people are just leaving town or, something like that. I don’t even know what even *is* going on, if anything… but… I really don’t like it. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I went into town again today. No reason whatsoever honestly. It was mostly just to see if my own theory was true—that there are less people in town than before. Two people. That’s what I saw. Two whole people. I didn’t recognize either of them, but they were there. However, the weird thing about them was that they seemed paler than anyone else around would’ve been. I don’t know why, but… that just stuck out to me.

So yesterday something… weird… happened. While that’s basically the norm around here, it was weirder than normal. As I was going into town, I saw people with full-on hazmat suits walking around, spraying… *something*. I couldn’t tell what it was, but it was this thick white cloud. I tried asking them what they were spraying, but I got no reply from any of them. I think a plague or something is starting.

You know how yesterday, I said something about a plague? Well that’s actually happening. I saw a bunch of quarantine signs posted everywhere. They all had the same thing written on them. All of it is bullshit. Something is going on, and nobody is being told of it. I just… I can’t figure out what though. As morbid as it might sound, I really hope it leads to an apocalypse. I wanna see the world burn. See it crumble. I want to see it all end.

I just looked at what I wrote. I honestly don’t remember writing the last part. But, that’s besides the point. I tried to get one of the people in hazmat suits to talk to me earlier today. I didn’t get very far before getting shut down by them. They all just pointed at the posters. It honestly seemed like that’s all they were told to do if someone asked anything about it, just point at the poster. The poster *itself* wasn’t even that informative to begin with, like I’ve said before. It just said all the basic stuff about what to do in a plague.

I saw *something* today. Something that, I really don’t know how to describe. The simplest way I can put this is that it was… a zombie. I saw it hunched over someone, and it was just eating them. The second I saw that, I just stared. I wasn’t sure what to do. It… it was weird. Soon enough, I managed to force myself to just run away from it and get back to my house… but… I really think I should just get a move on now. I could probably hold out here, but… I don’t think it’s very wise. Tomorrow, I’ll set off. To where, I don’t know, but, I’ll find somewhere to go. Someplace safe from this plague.

I spent all of last night packing, and got a move on at sunrise. I packed only what I’d need, just some guns, ammo, food, water, a tent, and some clothes. The further I went through the day, and the further away from home, the more ruined I realized everything was. How didn’t I notice this before? The world around me was literally in ruins. Was I *that* blind to not notice it? I enjoy it, but… how didn’t I notice that? The other thing was that I noticed fewer and fewer zombies the farther and farther I got from civilization. That makes sense, I think.

I’ve just been walking for the past several days. Doing nothing else. Just walking. The world has certainly ended, and here I am, just walking through it. I don’t know where I’m going still, nor do I know if anyone is still alive, but… the last several days have been extremely rough on me. Haven’t been able to sleep a lot because I keep thinking these damn zombies are nearby. They aren’t half the time, but the other half, I end up attracting more and more of these damn zombies.

I found a city earlier today. That’s where I’m camping for the night. It’s completely abandoned, and desecrated. Graffiti everywhere. Windows shattered and broken. Moss and plants sprouting out of the sidewalk. It literally looked like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. It’s eerie though, knowing that there’s nobody else alive in this city, but me. At least, that’s what I think. All I can tell is that this building, an old office building, is at least safer than the forests and odd-spots I’ve been sleeping in for the past several days.

Change of plans. This morning, probably the dead of night, I heard a few people trying to keep quiet and saw a flashlight right outside my building. I instantly got up and went to go investigate, and… they beat me to what I was gonna do. They drew their guns on me and asked me what I was doing there. I explained, and they said that they’re survivors of a nearby settlement, in another town. I asked if I could join, and they agreed. Hopefully it has promise. It’s apparently a couple of days out.

I’ve learned a bit more about the group. Ten people, including me. Small, tight-knit band of survivors. They’re holding out in a nearby city, with the foolish goal of reclaiming the entire city. I didn’t comment on it though. If that’s what they wanna do, I’m game if it means I can survive. The three I met were out scavenging for supplies and scouting for any other survivors. Turns out as well, they wanna try to make a full on city and repopulate it. Last I checked, we don’t live in Alabama.

We arrived earlier today. The people there seemed pretty hostile towards me joining at first, but then quickly warmed up to me. It’s just been non-stop work though. They’ve fortified their stronghold pretty well though. It’d take a huge horde of zombies or something to destroy it, or someone working on the inside to. Not only that, but it’s guarded pretty heavily. They cover like a 20 block area around city hall, and have at least two people patrolling at all times. Seems like they’ve heard from a few other settlements nearby as well.

I actually haven’t had any time to write, so I don’t know if that’s a blessing or a curse. I’d assume both at any rate. The past several days have been hectic. We’ve found various marking of nearby raiders, dealing with hordes, found more survivors who joined us. The only thing though is that stuff just seems to be disappearing. Not small things, but like guns and ammo. I’ve… also been blacking out more, and finding random things that I don’t remember doing. It’s like before.

I don’t remember what has happened over the past few days, but I do know what I did do. I killed all of them. Everyone here. I know one of the other settlements heard the screams of the others as I killed them. They sent a team over. I’m gonna kill them too. I’m the only person here, who’s alive at the very least. For now. When I kill them, I’m gonna kill off the rest of them. I don’t know why. But I want to see the world burn. At whatever cost that may be.

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