Writer’s Dream

Billy sat in the middle of the dark-green futon, his legs stretched and resting on the oak coffee table directly in front of him. His brown eyes scanned over each word of his latest work—a slime transformation story—as he defeatedly sighed, tilting his head backwards to face the pure white ceiling above him.

He impatiently tapped his fingers against the black plastic of his laptop when there was a sudden knock at his apartment door. His head instantly snapped towards the door, hand instinctively reaching for the lid of his computer. He stared at it for a moment, he noisily slammed it shut as he placed it on the coffee table and began walking towards the door.

Spreading his hands flat against the door, Billy slowly shifted his full weight against the it as he looked through the tiny peephole. He saw nobody outside as he quickly pushed himself away from the door. His hand shifted over the deadbolt and with a quick flick of his wrist, the lock clicked, followed by soft squeaking as Billy swung the door open.

Billy leaned outside, hands on the door and its wooden frame as he glanced to his left and right several times. His gaze finally settled on the decently sized cardboard box directly in front of his doorstep as he tilted his head in bemusement. Bending over to pick it up, he noted how remarkably light the package felt in his hands.

Closing the door behind himself, Billy curiously inspected the box. Constantly turning it over in his hands, he inspected every square inch of the box, turning it over in his hands. After concluding there was nothing of interest about the box, save the shipping label, he casually tossed it onto his square kitchen table.

The box loudly glided across the table as Billy fished through his right pocket, pulling out a small, sleek, swiss army knife. With a hasty flick of his thumb, the blade softly whooshed as it locked into place. Quickly flipping the knife around in his palm, he plunged the knife into the clear packing tape holding the box shut.

A few quick slices later, Billy had fully cut open the box and eagerly began unfolding the flaps of the box. Pushing the pocket knife along the table, Billy leaned over the box to see what was contained inside. Neatly folded and placed inside was a gray vest and a small, ornately decorated piece of cardstock with the text “Enjoy!~” engraved in a neat, golden cursive script. Billy flipped the card over, expecting to find some detail as to who had sent it. There was nothing on the back however.

Disappointed with his findings, Billy casually lobbed the card to the side, it softly fluttering in the air before silently sliding across the wooden floor. He quickly put both hands on the sides of the box and flipped it around as the neatly folded vest fell out. He threw the box off to the side as he grabbed the vest, unfolding it and holding it directly in front of him.

Billy’s eyes scanned the entirety of the vest. Apart from it being gray, there was no sleeves to the vest, instead, simple holes where the sleeves should be. Additionally, there was no buttons to the vest, nor tags signifying any maker of any sort.

He grabbed the vest, draping it along his backside, along his dark turquoise shirt before slowly sticking each of his arms into the holes, careful to make sure he didn’t damage it. He roughly pulled on the vest, straightening it out as he smiled, a face that quickly morphed into one of sheer terror. Billy felt something warm, wet and slimy oozing over his shoulders, seeping through his t-shirt and onto his bare flesh.

His heart rate instantly doubled as he felt fear and panic gripping at him. Adrenaline flooded through his entire system as his figure trembled and breath shook. He grabbed the vest’s collar and began roughing tugging at it, hoping to pry it loose. Instead, the vest seemed to grow heavier and harder to pull the more he tried.

Rooted to the spot, Billy felt the gooey sludge begin to slowly work its way up his neck and into his hair’s roots in its warm, gooey embrace. He moaned uncomfortably, feeling himself forcibly ease up, his shoulders relaxing slightly as thoughts of warmth and safety flooding his mind.

Billy shook his head, trying to force the thoughts out of his mind as he felt the globs of slime start wrapping its thick, dripping tendrils around his cheeks. He tentatively raised his hands up to his cheeks, curling his fingers around the large gobs of slime, effortlessly pulling them away, holding them in front of his face.

He stared at the giant, dripping, yellow globs of slime around his hand. His knees slightly buckled beneath him as he helplessly watched the warm goo slowly start melting down his hands and arms. Billy involuntarily moaned loudly as the goop started to reveal dripping amber claws growing out of his nails, alongside thick, black paw-pads on his fingertips and in the middle of his palms.

Mouth hung agape, he stared at his gooey dog-like paws as the slime around his face started spreading towards his ears. Shortly afterwards, his legs gave way beneath him and he fell stomach-first into a warm puddle of sticky slime. Moaning softly, he felt the goo slowly start covering his ears as they slowly disappeared beneath the slimy layers greedily lapping at his head.

Panting heavily, Billy weakly tried pulling himself away from the sticky puddles of ooze surrounding his head and paws, feeling the slime steadily creeping around his eyes. He couldn’t move however; he was helpless to let the warmth slowly overtake his eyes as he felt his hearing slowly start coming back.

Two slime-coated flopped ears started sprouting out of his head at the same time huge globs of yellow sludge began pouring over his eyes. Darkness quickly consumed him as he was forced to listen to the slimy sound of sucking enveloping his entire head. Billy weakly whimpered as he helplessly felt the goo start covering his mouth and nose.

The effects were instant as the slime glued his mouth shut and plugged up his nose, preventing him from drawing new breath. He whimpered softly, forcing his now blue-and-brown eyes open as he watched the slime slowly start forming a dripping, sticky muzzle against the wooden floor.

Billy began violently thrashing, attempting to force himself away from the ground. Instead he only spread more goo everywhere and forced himself closer to the ground as more and more slime started coating his shirt. Soon after, he was fully bound against the ground as his lungs began burning on the inside. He forcefully tried forcing open his gooey maw, the slime loudly squelching as it broke apart. Faint strands of yellow slime stretched between the upper and lower parts of his sticky maw as his dripping, pink mass of a tongue lolled out, sticking against the floor as he gasped for breath.

His gaze slowly shifted to his muzzle as the thoughts of warmth and safety fully dominated his mind. Within moments, there was no trace of fear lingering in his mind as he began submitting to the gooey transformation. Billy began softly murring between pants, head bobbing on the spot.

Soon after, the slime completely engulfed the remainder of his arms as it steadily began making its way down his back and stomach. His shirt stuck to the gooey sludge as he felt the warm, sticky tendrils gripping tightly at his turquoise shirt as it slowly spread down his chest, towards his tailbone.

He slowly closed his eyes as he felt the slime start pushing his pants down as a slimy nub of a tail began growing out of his tailbone. The sticky stands of goo slowly started to coat the backside of his pants as the tail it formed quickly reached the bottom of the floor. His newfound tail curved around him, finally residing beside his slimy muzzle.

The tail loudly squelched as it pulled away from the gooey puddles it made, only to pound harder against it. With each rhythmic pound, the tail splattered more sludge everywhere as Billy slowly forced his gooey body away from the ground. Thick strands of goo stretched between his slime-soaked shirt and paws, keeping them rooted to the ground. The strands silently snapped as he forced himself to his knees, the slimy goop around his waist making its way down his hips.

Shakily bringing one of his feet out, he firmly planted it into one of the large, slimy puddles scattered around him. His other foot quickly joined into another puddle besides it as they rapidly began morphing around both his feet. Billy weakly laughed, feeling the slimy globs tickling the underside of his feet as they began slightly distending his feet.

He watched as he saw the amber claws grow out of his toenails, the black paw-pads appearing underneath his heel and bottom of his toes, while the rest of his feet were covered in the dense, yellow goo.

His murrs grew louder as he limply stumbled forwards, dripping slime from his entire figure as his gooey tail violently pounded against the inside of his thighs. He loudly plopped a dripping, yellow paw onto the futon, gripping at it tightly. Slime oozed out from underneath his paw, onto the futon as he dragged his hand along it.

Billy’s footsteps echoed loudly as he noisily slammed down slimy paw after slimy paw. Faint traces of yellow, paw-shaped goo stuck against the floor as he felt the rest of the slime engulf the remainder of his legs. His tail began pounding faster and more violently against his thighs as he watched the large, thick gobs of goo slowly pour out from underneath his pants and around his paws, cementing him to the spot.

He instinctively relaxed, slouching over slightly as he felt the warmth fully envelop him. His tail pounded harder, causing him to wince in pain with each loud thwap of his tail. His murrs grew louder to the point of vibrating his entire figure as he slowly forced each of his paws out of the giant mass of slime.

With each paw he forced out, the huge gobs of goo slowly began spreading out. As his movement came back, he slowly started trudging his way to the front of the futon. Once he got there, he gingerly placed one of his oozing paws onto the futon, steadily clambering onto it. Goo oozed off his entire figure as he slowly began shifting his entire weight onto it.

Billy began struggling to curl up into a tight ball as the pool of slime began sticking all over his goo-covered shirt and pants. He began weakly pulling himself away from the gooey bondage as he slowly started to curl himself into a tight, slimy ball. His clothes stuck to itself, and he was quickly rendered inert as he fell back into the yellow, gooey pool.

It eagerly accepted him back into it, rapidly binding Billy into itself as he slowly wrapped his tail around his slimy figure. Within seconds, his thumping tail was trapped by the pool, as Billy felt the gobs tightening its iron grip around him. Shortly after, he felt the pool totally immobilize him.

Billy fruitlessly attempted to adjust himself, instead, binding him further and further to the pool. He slowly closed his eyes, feeling a warm blanket slowly being draped around him. His breath slowed down, murrs dying as his eyes fluttered shut. Seconds later, only the faint sounds of breathing and slime oozing all around him echoed through the apartment.

The warmth and safety of the giant, slimy pool, proved to be enough to lull him into sleep as the slime around him slowly hardened, revealing soft, yellow fur, rough paw-pads and dripping black nose beneath it. It wouldn’t matter to Billy however, he’d love his new body regardless of whatever form it took…

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